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Steeped Tea


I am about to host my first 'Partea' with Steeped Tea this next weekend. I am having a facebook party, rather than a real one. Any chicks out there who sell or host parties? What about with other companies? Any advice?
Apr 10, 2016 @ 05:44 pm

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I don't host

But I feel like Steeped Tea is one of the better companies out there.
Mostly because the product sells itself. It's good quality and a decent price point.
I find some of the brands out there that use marketing to sell products are way to
harsh on the wallet. I think you made a good choice!
Sorry... no advice. Besides stay positive!
Apr 10, 2016 @ 05:57 pm


I was at a steeped tea party last fall. Kinda cool!
Apr 10, 2016 @ 10:46 pm

steeped tea

Is this a new tea, and by what company?? I have never heard of it.
Apr 11, 2016 @ 07:52 am

The company name is 'Steeped Tea'.
Apr 11, 2016 @ 08:24 am
Sandra Ribeiro

steeped tea

This is interesting. Something I would like to do in the future. Do they only sell tea? Is it expensive?
Apr 11, 2016 @ 10:58 am

Average Price

I'd say the tea is decently priced.
Apr 11, 2016 @ 12:16 pm


Mostly tea @ Sandra some pots etc
Apr 11, 2016 @ 01:17 pm

Online vs. Home Party

From my experience with an online party there is quite a bit of work involved, if not more than a home party. Being a direct sales rep myself I find that most time in-home parties are more successful.

If you're the hostess don't rely on your Steeped Tea rep to do all the work. While she will be the one telling all of your friends about the product and creating great posts about the product it's still up to you as the host to make sure your friends are getting involved and participating! This is easier with in home parties, because all you have to do is get them to your house, the rep from there will do all the work. It's easier to get people to participate or even pay attention in person when they're all together vs online where the have the option to just not bother.

I've seen a lot of Facebook parties where the company rep is the only one posting and no one ends up ordering. Frankly I think that with an in home party more people feel obligated to at least order one or two items to help out their friend when they attend, online parties are easier to pretend they just didn't see it. As the hostess make sure you talk up the party with your friends before the event and also work at making sure they're involved and posting during it. The more they post and get involved the more likely they are to order.

If you can, ask your rep if she can provide you with any samples that you can share with friends in advance, with food based direct sales a lot of people like to be able to have a little sampling of what the company offers before they buy, and with tea getting to even just smell the product is a big thing. Also find out if you can get a physical hostess packet as well, having catalogs on hand to give to friends to flip through will help! Plus it gets you actually talking to them in person about the party, which again I find brings more success to those party sales.

And as always, the most important rule, just have fun with it! The more passionate you are about the product the more likely your friends are to get in to it. They know you, not the rep, they're most likely to be receptive to the product when they hear you, their friend raving about it!
Apr 11, 2016 @ 03:30 pm

Great Tasting Tea

Great tea selection. Love the flavoured Matcha and the Pur'eh teas. They have a great Black Friday sale every year where I stock up. I have been to a few of the tea parties. Most of the tea is loose leaf which is what I prefer. There is also the option to order some of the whole leaf teas with a tea bag. Would buy more frequently if the shipping was more affordable. Most of the Stepped Teas parties I attended the host didn't have stock on hand to sell there was no way to get around the shipping costs.
Jun 19, 2019 @ 03:39 pm

Real ones

I went to two but the real ones and I like that experience but not on Facebook I can not imagine it... 🤔 Good luck 🍀 🤞
Jun 19, 2019 @ 05:44 pm

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