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Do most of you have a close knit group of friends that you've grown up with or have you found as you've gotten older your circle of friends has changed? I still have a few childhood friends that I'm friends with but we seem to be growing apart more and more. Our interests have changed and we all just seem to be in a different place in life. But I guess if you are true friends things like time and distance won't change the relationship dramatically.

Oct 02, 2009 @ 04:18 pm

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always changing...

I have some friends that, because of FaceBook, I still keep in contact with. However, the last time I visited back in my hometown I didn't look them up. We are really only acquaintances now.

My best friend from high school is now my sister-in-law (how convenient!) and another close friend moved to Edmonton years ago. I think she and I would have kept in touch if we were in the same city.

Other than that, I have become very close with many of my cousins and of course my siblings and in-laws. In each case, I consider them my dear friends that just happen to be related to me. Since we moved to the US, I have had to find new friends - and we've relocated so many times that we're used to starting over. That's a good and bad thing: I'm reluctant to let any friendship go deep because I'm always anticipating the next move away, but at the same time, it makes me more open to meeting people because I recognize how valuable friendships are.
Oct 02, 2009 @ 06:35 pm

It's a mix...

Growing up I had three really close friends. We were like peas throughout school and even after high school ended we stayed true to each other. One of the girls changed her lifestyle completely than the rest of us and sorta wet her own way but we still try hard to keep in touch.

After I moved away to Edmonton when I was 19 I think my friends back home felt like I was abandoning them. They still get sad and beg me to come home. We try very hard to keep in touch but we all have such busy lives it is hard to be close. No matter what we will always be there for each other and love each other deeply. Nothing will ever change that for the 4 of us.

But upon growing into my adulthood and moving away from those friends and all of my family I haven't had a tight set of friends out here. I have one really good friend whom I love deeply but other than that I have acquaintances. I feel that that is just a part of being a grown up is having people that will always be your friends for life and then having those people who come and go. I think I learn and grow more from the ones who pass but I truly feel whole with the ones from the beginning.
Oct 03, 2009 @ 07:42 pm


I have a close set of friends that I grew up with in Edmonton that I still keep in touch with and visit when I go home to see the parents. I also have a close group of girlfriends that I have made since adulthood in Toronto....
Oct 05, 2009 @ 07:55 pm

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