The Second Time Around

on Sep 25, 2015 @ 07:02 pm

Would you marry the same man twice after divorcing him? Curious about the answers to this one.In my view if it doesn't work the first time, it's a done deal

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No I wouldn't. on Sep 26, 2015 @ 10:14 am

In my opinion couples divorce for a reason so I don't really think it would work out to get remarried. The same problems won't change they will only get worse.

. on Sep 27, 2015 @ 11:54 am

People change and sometimes need a break. I wouldn't know unless I was in the situation but I think it is definitely a possibility

kylee on Sep 29, 2015 @ 01:51 pm

So true. It's best to move on

Hmm on Oct 04, 2015 @ 11:46 am

I think it depends why your split up the first time. If the reasons are still there, run. Otherwise - might be worth a shot, who knows..Example - if you got married at 18 and divorced at 19 because both of you felt like you were too young to marry and wanted to see what the world has to offer first, then meet again at 30 and ready to settle down, it might work. If you divorced because of repeated cheating, then no, not a good idea to try again...

No on Jan 07, 2016 @ 09:31 am

I would move on, if it didn't work the first time I would always have doubt about it not working again

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