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time out


well my boyfriend and i have been dating for just over two years and during our dating, things have happened that we left to accumulate: we never really spoke about issues.we both realise that it was wrong to not address it but now we are taking time out...more from his side.he says we should both take time apart to think things through.im not too ok with this but i know we need it.my question is,how do i cope in this situation?what do i do to keep myself from mising him and contacting him?i have my friends but i dont want to make it seem like im only spending time with them now that my bfriend and i are taking a break....
Oct 07, 2008 @ 05:49 am

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Ali de Bold

Leave him alone

Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. This is going to be the toughest thing to do but if he is requesting space, you really need to leave him alone. If you don't give him his space, it may only drive him away. If your friends think you are only spending time with them because you two are taking space then maybe you haven't been giving them enough attention all along and it's a good opportunity to correct that. Any good relationship needs balance and spending time with your friends and doing your own thing is part of that balance.

You should force yourself to not contact him and invest instead in your friendships and doing things you enjoy. If he's the right guy for you he will come around. Probably fairly quickly, if you leave him alone. If you pester him, he'll resent you for not respecting his wishes for space.

In the end you will both have to make a decision if you want to be together or not and hopefully the time apart will help you both make the right decision.

Good luck!
Oct 07, 2008 @ 09:34 am

Some distractions...

He's taking the time to focus on himself so why not do the same?

Take yourself out! Get manicures/pedicures with your girlfriends and
during your treatments focus on talking about what's going on in their
lives (this will keep your mind off your bf and help mend your gal pals
relationships), steer clear from discussion about 'the break' and maybe
try not mentioning it to them (this will stop them from inquiring about
the situation). If they ask how your bf is, just say 'great'.

Go out for martinis, but not too many cause then you risk doing the
'I've had too many' text message or phone call. Go to the gym.
Paint/Draw. Work on expanding your career. Wear high heel shoes
everywhere (trust me - it helps). Play music - LOTS of music. Organize
your closets. Do all the things that get neglected when you're in a
relationship. You'll feel so much better after you realize this break
has made your life much more organized and refreshing. Which will
ultimately help your relationship if you go back to him feeling that
much better about yourself.

Hope this helped :)
Oct 09, 2008 @ 10:08 am

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