uber-sweet story I had to share :-)


I wanted to share something that is probably one of the sweetest things EVER to happen to me. :-) But first though, since I love to write essays when posting something simple :-P a bit of background so its easier to see just why this was so important for me..
Since I was a teen I've had nothing but dysfunctional relationships. Ranging from physically abusive (mostly as a teen) to possessive & controlling, to emotionless flings, to a relationship based mainly on drug abuse (my recent ex. BTW - In one week from now, I'll be officially 1 year 1 month CLEAN from cocaine!! after 4-5 years straight of using, the last 3 years was daily use. Yay me!)
My perspective on life changed when I met Jesse. For the first time I feel special. Throughout the drug usage, I stopped caring about myself. There were days where I had to stare at the sink while brushing my teeth, because I couldnt stand to look at myself in the mirror. After meeting Jesse, something about him seemed different, so I took the chance and jumped in with both feet and its been amazing. You know the saying "love like you've never been hurt"? I never really understood it till now.
And Im getting off topic.. so over the last 10-15 years or so, due to whatever random reasons (from people forgetting, to ppl getting sick, myself getting sick, etc) I've  celebrated my birthday once since I was 12 years old. (my 17th) We talked about that recently, and how its always bothered me, but I gave up a few years back on even trying to do anything special.

Wednesday (the 3rd) nite, we were cleaning up. Around 1130pm Jesse suggested we take a break, and he went to the store to get us some slurpees. At midnite I was just about to text him and see if everything was okay since he was gone so long, when I heard the key in the door.

He had waited outside for 10 minutes till midnite,so he could come inside at 12:01 to give me a gift & card, because he wanted to be the first person to say Happy Birthday to me. Such a simple thing, and no ones ever done something like that before.
On top of that, he reserved a table at the bar he works at & we both drink at for my birthday... complete with balloons, cake, and a bunch of our friends. There was about a half dozen times throughout the night where I had to slip into the bathroom cause I actually started to tear up!  Yesterday was by far the best birthday I've had literally in my entire teenage-adult life.

To top things off even more.. he brought my camera, and took so many pictures... I dont usually take many pics of myself, (lingering negative thoughts that Im not photogenic :P) but the entire evening/night he made me feel like I was a supermodel.

And thats it. :-)  I know when you look at it one way it doesnt seem like much... said happy bday at midnite, got some friends together at the bar, took some good pics. But those few simple things meant the world to me and I know its something I'll never forget.

I know he's not the most conventional guy, and we definitely have an EXTREMELY unconventional relationship..everyone wished us the best, but at first the majority of people didnt see us lasting at all. But the unconventional part, the fact that someone like him and someone like me should be on completely different paths, I think thats what turned around and  worked for us. The things that I know should feel strange, seem perfectly natural, and I wouldnt have anything any other way. :-)

Thats my story! And now, after an amazing birthday and amazing night, Im home, and its nearly 10am. Im pretty much sobered up, and more than ready for bed. I just had to share this with someone, and I figured why not here? lol After posting a few times complaining about my ex, I wanted to balance things out with a happy story. :-)

Aug 05, 2011 @ 10:39 am

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I wish I were you!

This is such a sweet story! I love when people share good times :).
That was the sweetest thing I've ever heard someone do! He's such a romantic. I love that he's unconventional, making things more of a surprise and more special.

I"m so proud that you could kick that addiction! I hope Jesse treats you well, and that you two become very happy together :).

ahhh i keep rolling around in my seat from all the luuuuuuurrrrrve floating around in this article. I hope there's more posts like these! :D

Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:14 am

I know right?!?!

haha..so much for sleeping... instead I uploaded a few of the pics from last nite. The ones I put on here are some of my absolute favourites!!

Its almost sickening how absolutely cheesy we can get, lol. My sister has given me more eye-rolls than I can count, and Im sure we've made her almost physically sick with all our fairy-tale cuteness. lmao ... but Im loving every single second of it!

We both admitted to each other that we had a crush back around mid-end Feb, and were seeing eachother but because of some of those "unconventional" aspects I mentioned earlier, we didnt go public till March 17th. We both knew that there was a huge chance that if/when people found out, there would be lots of talking behind our backs, people would tell him he's crazy, they'd tell me I was just fooling myself, among other things. But after even that month, where just a few close friends knew (and once they got over the initial "wtf" were really supportive) we realized that if in one month we felt so strongly, then maybe this is one of those "this is it" things.
I was at his place one nite, with some friends and a couple people we had met that nite, and someone asked us if we were a couple. We kind of mumbled the generic "its complicated", but after we both kind of looked at each other and thought about it... About 10 minutes later we figured, "why not? Who says we have to stick ourselves into labels and boxes, if we know we're going to be happy together, then lets just do it" and thats when we decided to become 'official'. In the whole time, we've seen each other every day, he moved in around end of May, and we havent gotten into one single argument. :-)
Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:43 am

That's really sweet!

Wow, thanks for sharing this with us to end off this Friday. You're right about how even something simple can mean the world to you. Not a lot of people think of waiting til RIGHT after midnight to say Happy Birthday just so they could be the first one. It makes my heart melt and I'm so glad you found someone as great as he is even though you had to overcome some bad ones first.

You deserve all the happiness and congrats on being 1 year clean!
Aug 05, 2011 @ 12:36 pm


What a fabulous story- you got a good one! Better lock that boy up!

What a wonderful surprise bday party though- isn't so amazing when you feel so loved by everyone around you? I'm so happy to hear this story and that you've been clean for so long- really, congrats are in order!

Pretty much sounds like a perfect night to me though! Best wishes and like beyonce says- if you like it than you shoulda put a ring on it! *hint hint*
Aug 05, 2011 @ 02:07 pm

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