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Do you ever feel unhappy?  Things that would normally not cause you stress, all of a sudden become deal breakers?

How do you make yourself happy again?
Nov 09, 2010 @ 10:47 am

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Ali de Bold


We all go through times like that. Personally, gray weather gets me down. I grew up in Winnipeg where it is always sunny, even in -40. So some of the blah gray days of winter in Toronto can wear me down.

I honestly think exercise and good friends are the best cures. Exercise obviously because of the endorphins, which make you feel great and time with friends is just good medicine anytime.

Also know you are not alone. We all go through times like that. Just recognize when it is happening and force yourself to do something active to get out of the funk. It won't happen by itself ;)
Nov 09, 2010 @ 11:03 am

Bad Years

I was often unhappy for a few years during high school. I would often feel depressed, lonely, unattractive, unworthy, and even nowadays I still have down days like that.

I realized after a while that I was only wallowing in my own self-pity and self-judgement, when how I felt about myself was just one giant misconception. For the longest time I honestly believed that I was super lame and that no one would ever want to be my friend. This mentality stopped me from reaching out and asking new friends to hang out, and approaching others. Because made myself unapproachable by not approaching others to begin with. It was a terrible cycle that made me scared to make friends for the longest time.

To be perfectly honest, what got me out of my slum was my faith. I've been a Christian my entire life, but what gave me confidence is finally recognizing that I was made to be exactly who I am, and perfect in every flaw. Also realizing that I can't satisfy everyone or be a close friend to everyone.

I really hope you come to realize, if you havent already, what's getting you down.
This could also be a case of clinical depression, so I suggest that, if you've been feeling unhappy for a long time, please go see a doctor just in case. It could happen to any of us.

Best of luck hun! We've got your back :)
Nov 09, 2010 @ 02:00 pm

Focus on you

Take time to focus on you and you only.

Think of the things that make you happiest rather than the things that make you unhappiest. Focus on these things and try to bring them into your life on a more regular basis.

If it's a person in your life that is making you feel this way, ask yourself how much of your own happiness you are willing to sacrifice to keep this person in your life. If they're really that wonderful shouldn't you be smiling?

Usually little things that wouldn't matter on a normal day, start to matter when it's been a build-up. Lots of little things about a situation, place, person or routine, can build up to become one big thing. Try to break them down and figure out what the core of your unhappiness is. Is it the outside influences or is it something to do with yourself and your confidence in yourself.

Just remember to surround yourself in things that you love, people that you love, and memories that you love.

Take care (Being selfish is important once in a while! Especially when it comes to smiling vs. tears)
Nov 11, 2010 @ 06:12 pm

Thank you <3

Thank you guys SO MUCH for the responses!!

Lately I've been working on an extremely challenging project, and by lately I mean all of 2010. I've finally completed the project and submitted it 2 days ago. I'm calling this a "project" because I don't want to go into details, but it's much more than a simple projector. It's something that affects my and my family's life very much. After submitting it, I'm starting to feel a bit better, a bit lighter, a bit more like my usual self. My "usual self" is very cheerful always looking for the next laugh, nowadays I feel like I've forgotten to laugh. I don't remember when last I really laughed. :(

A very close friend told me how she's so happy that I've submitted the project, because I didn't realize it but it was really affecting my personality.

I guess that's what it was. I submitted it on Nov 10th, and even after submitting it I didn't feel like it was done. My brain kept thinking "what papers am i waiting for? did the verification come through? etc". It was like my brain was so used to worrying about it for the past year, that it doesn't realize that it's done, for good or bad, it's submitted, out of my hands, done! Since yesterday though I'm starting to feel better. Nothing magical, I haven't woken up into my old self, but I feel sunshine like rays of my old self peeping through from time to time. Sounds corny.. don't know how better to explain it :(

Nov 12, 2010 @ 10:00 am
Ali de Bold

Sounds like you are coming around :)

Whatever you were working on must have been quite intense. I'm so happy for you it's done and you can move on now.

One other thing I find works like a charm is doing things for others. Have you ever noticed how doing something charitable or kind for someone else makes you feel like a million bucks? Win, win!
Nov 12, 2010 @ 10:50 am

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