What Bugs You About Your Partner?

on Jan 27, 2011 @ 04:21 pm

A study of 3,000 adults by betterbathrooms.com has returned the following data:

Top Argument Triggers For Women:
1- Stubble in the sink
2- Dirty marks in the toilet 
3- Flicking TV channels
4- Not replacing the toilet roll
5 - Leaving the seat up
6 - Leaving lights on
7 - Leaving dirty cups around the house
8 - Leaving wet towuls on the floor/bed
9 - Hoarding stuff
10 - Not flushing the toilet


List of Things That Make Men Annoyed:
1 - Taking to long to get ready
2 - Nagging about chores
3 - Leaving lights on
4 - Hair in the plughole
5 - Hoarding stuff
6 - Overfilling bins
7 - Leaving tissues around the house
8 - Leaving dirty cups around the house
9 - Flicking TV channels
10 - Watching soaps

Alright, fess up: how many of these things do you do? How many have you gotten annoyed with your partner for?

Thanks dailymail for the article

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my biggest pet peeve on Jan 27, 2011 @ 05:17 pm

.. Not PAYING ATTENTION! lol. If they ask me the same thing more than once or twice. That is Really annoying!

lol on Jan 27, 2011 @ 08:10 pm

i think the worst for me is when my bf leaves his cups everywhere!! he can get like four, cups going at once lol, its crazy.
plus when he's playing xbox or something, and pretends to listen when i tell him something (yes i know, its my fault for even trying really!)

BUT i have to admit i do some of those things too! like taking too long to get ready, and watching shows he hates. so it's give and take :)

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