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What can this possibly be with this guy..long but very surprising story lol


This was an odd story, back in 2004, driving to school, i met this guy on the freeway, LOL, i did not want to give him my number just because I felt that it was not right, but since i was so mad at my BF of 2 years.. i thought we were going to break up, i decided to try something out new for the first time and gave this guy my number. We met on the same day for lunch at some restaurant, it was real nice, after a while he would call me here and there and met up for casual lunches a couple of times by his job and my school, nothing ever happened between me and him i was only 17 at the time and he was 23. He reached out once to kiss me, which was sweet, i never quite developed feelings for him i just thought he was cool. After 3 months of having lunches, he tells me that he wasnt going to be working at his company anymore because he got hired thru a way better job, and i said oh well who cares if i ever see him again, he had turned in his company phone so therefore did not have his number and got over it, and to keep in mind he lived right next to my city. Three months later i completely gave up and didnt even remembered if he existed or not..i signed on to my email and had one from him, boy was i surprised!..i was happy to hear from him it was 2005 and from 2005 through 2007 it became strictly email talking where i would hear from him every other month it wasnt even consistent, we talked about our lives jobs, school and etc, and i was so curious to see him but always said he was to busy so i stopped asking,ending 2007, he emailed his number wanting to talk and wanted me to send him some pictures of me and he thought i was a beautiful grown woman, I was already 21..he then invited me to a restaurant to have some happy hour drinks which was fun, and then kept texting me ever since in mid 2008 he invited me over to his house, which was cool because i felt totally comfortable with him ever since i met him, after chilling with him like 5 times last year we had sex, he was incredibly handsome and i was attracted to him and we bonded and what not, The sex was great, he was always a gentlemen, and after that he stopped texting me which was pretty weird, we didnt text for the last 4 months of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, he wouldnt respond my textes at all, last month he text me , now we text on and off, sometimes he textes me sometimes i dont, and we were once talking like whatever how it always was as friends and he always made fun of me over something and i told him "you always make fun of me for that", he said"YOU KNOW I ALWAYS GOT LOVE FOR YOU, IN A GOOD WAY" left me pretty speechless and i said "SAME HERE BUDDY" and that was that..i havent text him in like 2 weeks after that.but sometimes i mean i know me and him would never be for some reason and i like him in a funny way but can i please get some feedback to see what other people think, because i never spoke to this about no one in fact no one in my life knows something like this was going on :)
May 11, 2009 @ 04:22 am

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red flags

this just doesn't sit right with me. I'd cut him loose, to be honest. You guys are Friends With Benefits and if you're ok with that, go for it.

If you think this has a chance of going somewhere, I'd say think again. It's been 5 years. No one needs that much time to determine if they are interested enough to date or even pursue a serious relationship.

I think you should move on before you get hurt. JMO :)
May 11, 2009 @ 10:36 am

I was curious about him...

Thats the thing i dont like him like that, I moved on a long time ago, i just love his company and hes a fun dude, but sometime guys can totally unpredicatble, i was just going towards what could have been his thoughts toward all of this! Thanks mama
May 11, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

be true to yourself

Well, it seems like you more or less know what you're doing. I think he doesn't know what he wants and is playing the field. I would not assume that he has serious intentions one way or another.

As long as you keep your cool, there is less chance of you getting hurt in the end. Whether you cut him loose or keep him as a booty call is your choice, but know you could be playing with fire....
May 11, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

I really dont care about him like that

The thing was I was just curious whats his intentions could be...or maybe we are both like whatever lol
May 12, 2009 @ 12:03 am

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