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what to do?


well i was with this guy for 3 years and then i ended up breaking up with him because it always seemed his priority was his friends rather than to be with me. so like a couple months passed the first month was really hard cause i loved him soo much and i was angry cause he didnt even contact me so then like 6 months came and he deceided to call me everyday so i started to get feelings again and like he would tell me to go to his house and hang with him so stupid me i would go and we hooked up and got back together and now im pregnant and i told him he seemed happy about it but now he doesnt want to hang with me hes always with his friends out partying and drinking. he told me that im a bitch and i always trip on him and he never does anything and he tells me i should just move in with him. all we do is argue and like im a person who always needs someone there to love me and be with me but yea i want to leave him now but its hard for me i always cry and im always stressed since im pregnant i think i get really sensitive easier now. my "friends" or whatever they are dont understand anything they havent even been in any relationships so they really cant help me out .please help me!!
Nov 10, 2008 @ 06:11 pm

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Ali de Bold

Get out

Sorry to hear you are going through this. You definitely need to get out. That kind of environment is not good for your baby and it does not sound like a healthy relationship for you either.

This kind of person is not someone you should be living with or having any sort of relationship beyond the child support he will need to pay you.

If you can, move in with your parents, focus on your education and getting a good job and being a good mother to that baby. Do not put your happiness in a relationship and all of your hope and dreams in someone. You walked into that situation with your eyes open and now you need to open your eyes wider to get out of it.
Nov 10, 2008 @ 06:28 pm

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