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What to do when u think your friend cheated with the guy you are seeing


I am seeing a guy for 1 year on and off and my girlfriend always heard
about him but they never met. I invited her to my friends house out of
town for a couple of days and after meeting for 1 hour she asks him to
drive her to the store which is 10 min away and they come back 2 1/2
hours later without what they went to the store for! He was sleeping
and she was sooo happy with a huge smile on her face ...they say they
were lost but none of my friends believe it! Later on in the night
when everyone was going to sleep she says to him "hey lets go back to
the field" where they said they stopped when they were lost. She
ended flirting with him (and everyone else bf too) that day (sitting on
their laps, touching them, following them)...the next day everyone just
ignored her. I was trying to forgive her but now all my other
girlfriends (and the guys) that were there are saying don't be friends
with her and I think that the guy i'm seeing told one of my friends bf
that they fooled around. Both of them deny to me that they did
anything...what should I do?
Sep 24, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

3 Replies

Feisty Redhead

Been There

When I was younger I had a "friend" who was like that, and she was messing around with my then boyfriend behind my back. I found out from his brother who I got along with fairly well and we were friends and one day while the boyfriend was on the phone his brother came in and said he needed to tell me something important but it was going to hurt, and he told me all about their phone calls and dates. So I broke up with him; I tried to stay friends with this girl because we had known each other for so long and had been very close but it ultimately wasn't possible for us to stay friends. She kept seeing the guy for quite a while, did the same thing to a couple other friends too, and I just couldn't forgive her or trust her anymore. It's been a long time since all that happened but I know now looking back that I am so much better off without either of them in my life anymore, even though it hurt a lot at the time.

It sounds like you already know for certain that they've been fooling around, and neither of them is willing to come clean about it. I'd say you're probably better off without them, and it's time to break things off for good and move on to better things.
Sep 24, 2008 @ 01:11 pm

Feisty is right!!

Dump him and her, they deserve each other. It sucks, but that girl is not your friend and he is clearly not committed to you. Trust me, you'll look back on this once you've healed and be glad it's over.
Sep 24, 2008 @ 03:17 pm
Ali de Bold

dump them both

Is this even a question?? Clearly neither of them respect you or truly care about you. If they did this now, they will do it again.

Respect yourself enough to move on without them. You deserve better.
Sep 24, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

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