Whose Little Boy Are You?


I think it's so sad lately to hear in the news that the paternity of Prince Harry in England is being challenged.
Apr 03, 2016 @ 08:30 pm

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That's ridiculous. People really will do anything to be petty and try to embarrass someone.
Apr 03, 2016 @ 08:46 pm


I didn't know that! People need to leave him alone.
Apr 03, 2016 @ 08:58 pm


I hadn't heard about that! I agree it's ridiculous and petty.
Apr 03, 2016 @ 09:09 pm

Prince Harry

This makes me sad because it disrespects his late mother, and this is something people have been saying for years. Just leave the guy alone. Plus I think it's kind of funny because if you look up pictures of Prince Harry with his father, there is so much resemblance. The other guy they are claiming is "really" his father is just sort of generic European white guy. Sure there are a few minor resemblances, but I kind of wonder if they guy wasn't a ginger if there would be less rumours. But the ginger trait can be passed down through generations before actually showing in a person. And even if this paternity scandal is crazily enough true, with Prince William's two kids, there would have to be a seriously tragic incident for the rules of inheritance to matter.

Plus Hewitt denies it: "Hewitt told the press in 2002, 'There
really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry's father. I can
absolutely assure you that I am not... I can understand the interest but
Harry was already walking by the time my relationship with Diana began.
Admittedly the red hair is similar to mine and people say we look
alike. I have never encouraged these comparisons and although I was with
Diana for a long time I must state once and for all that I'm not
Harry's father.' This was seconded by Diana's police bodyguard."

But who knows? It wouldn't be the first time in history that a royal family had a paternity scandal...

Apr 04, 2016 @ 07:10 pm


I never heard a thing about this..
Apr 05, 2016 @ 02:39 pm


I remember this being discussed YEARS ago in the Enquirer (*blushes that I used to read it*) Crazy how old news becomes new news again.
Apr 05, 2016 @ 03:40 pm

Just a crazy story lol
May 02, 2017 @ 03:45 am


I think they should all leave them alone and paparazzi should get a real job instead of posting about celebrity lifes
May 07, 2017 @ 03:51 pm

On May 07 2017 @ 5:26 pm

People just wants to be seen in the media and cause problems for others
May 07, 2017 @ 05:27 pm


So silly.
May 07, 2017 @ 06:22 pm

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