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Work Relationships


Have you ever dated someone you met at work?

I've heard that that's where the majority of people meet their significant other, but to me it's always seemed like a bad idea.

I had a short fling once with someone I worked with, and ended up being awkward and uncomfortable when it ended, even though we both knew it wasn't a serious or long-term relationship.

Success stories? Horror stories?
Sep 05, 2008 @ 01:46 am

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Good... for a while...

I had a short fling with someone who works in the building. It was good for a while (mostly, cuz he is really hot! ;) ) but it kind of fizzled out. There was a little bit of awkwardness, mostly because we didn't really talk about what was going on... there was no understanding of what to expect... from me at least.

That was last winter. Now we barely talk at all. Only when we happen to run into each other at work, which is rarely.
So I guess this is not a success story, but it's not a horror story either! We are still friends. I guess I wish it had gone farther than it did, but I also know it would not have been good at work. Niether of us wanted anyone we worked with to know; it's just easier that way. It would have been more and more difficult to hide it from other friends at work. I think it resolved itself the way it was meant to.

It was fun while it lasted!! :)
Sep 05, 2008 @ 05:12 pm


My current boyfriend of almost 2 years and I met at work, still work together and are going strong. I don't mind working with him, I don't think it really affects our relationship too much. It would be nice to have different jobs though, so I can come home one day and say 'hey this happened at work today' and not get the response 'I know..I was there'. lol

Us working together isn't that large of a factor when it comes to our relationship working or not. Though, we both hold the exact same position at work and tend to stay there until our move. It might be a little different if one person in the relationship was higher up than another in the workplace, or if they were trying to get promoted for the same position. I could see something like that causing a bit of tension or jealousy in a relationship. Also, a breakup may cause things to be awkward in the workplace later.

I'd say if you do get in to one, just know what you're getting in to. Be prepared and remember that it might not work out, and what may happen afterwards. Though I wouldn't toss the idea out of the window. Meeting my man in the workplace has brought me something amazing. :)
Sep 08, 2008 @ 02:23 am

Depends on the people...

I think it totally depends on the people and how they conduct themselves inside and outside of work. I have seen couples date and then it not work out, and when they are work they have the ability to keep things on a professional level and separate the two... private and professional lives. I have also seem people go absolutely bonkers at work after something did not work out with a co-worker they were seeing. In any case, I think it really depends on both parties involved.
Sep 08, 2008 @ 01:47 pm

well how much do you like your job?

Because besides what the other ladies have said (it may be awkward after you break up, there may be jealousy involved), but also because if it did "get out," there could be trouble. Your place of work might be really against the idea of coworkers dating, and even if it's "officially" okay, certain people might feel that you were forming some kind of alliance against them. You know how cliques sometimes form in the office (or wherever) and they shut "outside" people out of certain things? The same might be assumed to happen with people who are dating. Nik05 is right, when one person is above the other it gets even messier.

Like MizzRobin said, it ultimately depends on the people. I think both would need to agree on which matters more, the job or the relationship, so that if it ever came time to "choose," there would be no nasty surprises. Having said that, we've all heard of successful husband-and-wife teams, or girlfriend-and-boyfriend teams, but most of those I've heard about either a) decided to try going into business together after they had established their relationship, or b) work hard to make sure their professional disagreements don't intrude into their personal lives.
Sep 16, 2008 @ 01:50 pm

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