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My beautiful baby Molly has Arthritis in her left hind leg and seems to be getting worse every day.She is on Temazapam daily,she has injections every four weeks and now today I had it changed to every three weeks.My Vetenarian wants to try Acpuncture or another drug that costs $85.00 weekly.I think it is terrible the money we have to pay our vets to give our Animals some quality of life.Where is the compassion to.My cat will put me in the poor house before I stop seeking some help for her.I will not let her suffer no matter the cost.Molly is only 11yrs old the same as her Brother Jake.I was just wondering if any of you chicks had the same problem with their cat and what did you do about it?
Oct 03, 2014 @ 09:59 pm

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Cat Massage for Arthritis?

I'm sorry to hear about your cat's health problem. You are right! Vet fees are incredible to deal with.
I know when I had my cat, I used to massage her gently to help with any arthritic problems. As I am not a trained vet or anything, all I would do is simply (and gently) move my thumb along her spine and other musculoskeleter parts.
If she was uncomfortable or in pain in certain areas, she would pull away from me.
I found that doing this on her paws was even more helpful because it gave me the chance to see if she was suffering with any scratches or injuries to her paw pads.
After a gentle massage, we both felt tired and usually fell asleep! Once, as she was lying on me, she just fell into a deep sleep because she was just sooo relaxed!
Maybe you can find some help online with different techniques to use to keep your cat comfortable!
Hope it works out for her; she sounds like an awesome pet!
Oct 12, 2014 @ 07:24 am


i haven't but I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet cat. Thank goodness she has you and you care so very much about her.
Oct 14, 2014 @ 01:15 am

I know that feeling...

Angelwings, I am so sorry about Molly.

You are right about pet care and vet costs. I literally maxed out my credit cards trying to save my former cat with emergency care. It was 8K (avoid emergency vet clinics!!)! Vetting costs are shocking - and I've been trying really hard to decide what gets done and what doesn't. My cat is 18 and has mild kidney issues, arthritis and leg weakness (she can no longer jump to the couch and struggles with the stairs) and hyperthyroid. For the arthritis, we are giving her small doses of glucosamine in her wet food 3x a week. We looked up and worked out a dosage for her.

Also, check around for a cheaper vet. It turns out that our vet is great, but on the high end of the charges. If you live in Toronto (I don't) here's one clinic I know of to make vet costs more reasonable:

Hugs to you and Molly - thanks for doing all you can for her quality of life.
Nov 28, 2014 @ 08:40 am

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