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Best products for loss of tooth enamel?


As a child I was constantly sick with strep throat and laryngitis which was treated with medication that caused my tooth enamel to decay over the years. When I use whitening products, half of my teeth vertically (the upper half of my teeth) are whitened because of the loss of enamel on the lower parts of my teeth (due to the growth of my teeth as I was younger on medication). Dentists tell me the only way to fix this issue is bonding or veneers but I do not want to have something that needs to be fixed/changed over the years. 

Has anyone found a product that actually helped whiten lost enamel? How well does the product work. What is the best price for the value and effectiveness of the products you may suggest. Before and after pictures of using the product would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
Jun 13, 2019 @ 05:41 pm

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