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My daughter's 31st birthday


Hi everyone. I would like some input on what to get for our daughter's birthday on February 7th? She doesn't wear make up or carry a purse, only wears her wedding ring. She's beautiful without makeup. She loves camo and hoodies and Under Armour. Thanks so much.
Feb 05, 2015 @ 04:33 pm

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One thing that never fails (at least in my eyes) - spa!!! Go two of you and you guys will have a nice mother daughter time while having divine relaxation.
Feb 05, 2015 @ 06:50 pm

Gift cards!

For clothing stores or for her favourite stores. She sounds like she's a practical woman. She will buy things are she likes or needs. You seem to know her tastes or what she likes best.
Feb 06, 2015 @ 12:49 am

When I was 31

I liked things like bath & body gift baskets for self-pampering or romantic nights with the hubby. Or a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant.
If she has kids, offer to take them for the night. Best gift ever!

Happy birthday to your girl!
Feb 06, 2015 @ 10:47 am

Daughter's birthday

Thankyou Fredamans that's a great suggestion. She loves Clinique's Happy perfume. I may get her that. I got 1 hoodie today in her favorite color. Yes, she has 2 boys. I will offer to keep them, so that way we both win. She has a relaxing day and I spend the day with my grandsons!!
Feb 06, 2015 @ 12:18 pm

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