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please state that you have received a product for free!


PLEASE remember to state that you have received a product for free in exchange for your review of the product. When I read reviews before buying something, I would like to know if the opinion is possibly biased...and I think it is only fair to the companies (ChickAdvisor included) and consumers.

Jul 01, 2016 @ 12:24 pm

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@ fuggno, it's also important to read the narratives...when we review we only have a choice of fugghetaboutit or hell yeah. I learn a lot by reading the more detailed info...scents, price versus value, etc... And we are supposed to be adding #gotit free, but we could forget. If in doubt, go back to earlier reviews and start there...that's what I will sometimes do. I use reviews often to see what others think, too.
Jul 01, 2016 @ 02:43 pm


I don't see what difference it makes when leaving an honest opinion.
Jul 01, 2016 @ 03:04 pm


I think OP is concerned that people may be swayed by getting something atno cost. That has not been my experience here at all, I find the majority of reviews on CA very honest, whether or not it was acquired at no cost.
Jul 01, 2016 @ 03:28 pm


If you get it free, bonus. But CA only expects our reviews to be based on what we have bought and tried, which would also mean any free items we get. Just my thought anyways
Jul 01, 2016 @ 05:39 pm


It DOES make a difference, Also, the companies want you to disclose that you have got it for free in exchange for your honest opinion. Not all reviews are biased, but in exchange for getting "free" products, the companies want you to disclose that you received it for testing purposes. I think that's a small thing to do for them, in exchange for them sending you FREE products.
Jul 01, 2016 @ 05:43 pm


Yes sometimes I have won a contest and they tell me to go to their site and submit a review with this hash tag etc. and be eligible to win again. i get that often and I do mention i got it free from whoever in my review. But I think on CA you only do that if you get something free from CA.I follow the rules as best as I could
Jul 01, 2016 @ 05:59 pm

I've been doing it wrong???

@WendyRoy It looks like I must have been doing it a wee bit wrong... I didn't realize the #GotItFree (and now I assume the product hashtag as well) was supposed to go in the CA review itself... I thought it was just supposed to be added within social media shares.
Makes sense to me though, so thank you so much for the eye opener! I will go back to my reviews and make the quick addition. Thank you!! :)

@fredamans: It matters because ChickAdvisor rules says it matters. They essentially vouch for all of us Chicks by promising the brands that we panel review members will state on our own and at the end of our reviews, that the product was received up front for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
We do that one small favour for ChickAdvisor. When we follow through with the promise, other brands see that we truly appreciate the hard work that CA Staff do behind the scenes to land these awesome campaigns.
Then, ChickAdvisor Staff are rewarded with even more (and cooler) campaigns to dole out because of the overall respect that is showed to them and the brands for participating in the program and giving away so much of their stock for free.

Please remember to include the quick sentence at the and of your reviews when you get a product from ChickAdvisor. When Chick's like me don't get selected, it hurts all the more to read your review, knowing you got selected and you didn't even follow the simple rule that I would have... It seems so unfair at that point... Especially if you get selected for another product after that which I again didn't get selected for.. That's a recipe for disgruntled attitudes.. You know?
Not trying to be negative towards you... just want you to see it from every other perspective, you know?

Jul 02, 2016 @ 10:49 am


I have included in my reviews that I've gotten certain items for free but probably have forgotten a few from time to time, so I will defiantly be more mindful when writing reviews from now on.
It has no affect on my review whether I've received it for free or not but I completely understand that other people would want to know this information.
Jul 02, 2016 @ 01:03 pm


I totally agree with you!
On some level, it does make a difference but as long as the reviews are honest.
I totally always say if I received it for free so I can say if I would buy it again. I do understand your reasoning. I hate those people, like the offer right now to get the CA Mug, it gives you 115 points for every selected review.
Of course, some people do it ALL for the points, and I bet you they have not tried EVERY SINGLE one of those products.

Saying if you got it for free helps because you can
A) Say you will buy it again
B) Say what the effects were more easily
C) Shows people you didn't buy it but tried it, and share your honest opinon
Jul 02, 2016 @ 01:18 pm


I indicated when I have received an item for free or at a reduced cost...but in no means will that mean I'll give a rave review on a product that didn't function properly, etc.

and if something doesn't work for me specifically, I can usually hone in on whom it would probably work for better (i.e. moroccan shampoos/conditioners or hair oils aren't for my thin hair, but thicker hair will likely accept it better).

One just has to be tactful with their reviews.

If I pay full price for an item, I'll give the same type of review I give a "free" product.

It takes hours of testing, photo shoots, editing photos, writing reviews, and then posting then on review sites AND social media - each review in reality for a "free" item still takes a few hours at least to provide honest feedback.
Jul 02, 2016 @ 01:51 pm

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