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Twitter or instagram


I currently use Facebook only can I earn more points by having Twitter or Instagram?
Oct 01, 2017 @ 12:24 am

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instagram i feel is the most influential but im looking into making a facebook
Feb 20, 2018 @ 01:20 am


Does it help to have a Twitter account?
Dec 29, 2018 @ 07:21 pm


i do not think you earn points for that
Dec 31, 2018 @ 09:34 am


Facebook, twitter & insta :P
Feb 07, 2019 @ 09:22 pm


I use Instagram and Twitter to share my campain!
Mar 22, 2019 @ 09:33 pm


No, you don't get extra points unfortunately.
Mar 24, 2019 @ 10:35 pm


Apr 04, 2019 @ 06:28 pm

need instagram

you will need Instagram to complete any of the missions/product reviews you get picked for and failing to post on instagram will likely result in you not getting picked again.
Apr 05, 2019 @ 01:47 am

Twitter Or Instagram

Hello gennytigg ;)
When applying for a product review club offer, nearing the end of the application. You are asked very specific question, that are mandatory to answer!
For example, if you have a look at the current 'PRC Offer,' their guidelines are very clear.
I don't want to misquote them, but, one of the questions that is asked by #ChickAdvisor is ... *Do you promise to post your review on instagram, etc!!* Another thing you might consider, is to contact them with your questions and/or concerns, directly!! Their staff are very helpful, & are there for you, (if you're not too sure about something, or simply need to ask them a question)!! When it comes to earning points, there is also a point system, that is also very clear & easy to read!! Points are earned by submitting reviews, interacting with the #ChickAdvisor community, (like we are doing right now), & other #prc activities.
Go to your public profile page, & on the upper left hand side is a drop down menu. Scroll down slowly,
Click on the subject title, that you are looking for, & it will help you to navigate through the website!!
*OMG, (lol, sorry about this mini series that I just wrote)!?!?*
I hope I didn't overwhelm you, but, I sincerely hope that this helps you out!! Take care ❤
Apr 05, 2019 @ 08:57 am

Both are great

Apr 08, 2019 @ 08:22 am

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