Best Place To Travel And Visit?

on Jan 23, 2016 @ 09:56 am

Have you ever traveled anywhere or Went on a vacation? Where's the best place you've ever been?

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. on Jan 23, 2016 @ 09:57 am

I go to Cuba every 4 months I love it there so much

Sandra Ribeiro
vacation on Jan 23, 2016 @ 10:24 am

Southern europe- great food, beaches and good looking men!!!!!

. on Jan 23, 2016 @ 12:29 pm

I've been to a few places, my favorites being St. Maarten, London and Paris. I felt safe in all places and each offers such a different experience in food, scenery and culture.

Hong Kong, Chicago! on Jan 23, 2016 @ 02:09 pm

I definitely should travel more in the future, I just love the idea of going somewhere new. Hong Kong is definitely my favorite place to go, as a Chinese-Canadian, it's a perfect mix of Western and Eastern culture in terms of food and setting. Chicago was also great, especially the aquarium I went to!
In the future I hope to go to places like Ireland, Spain, and Japan!

Sandra Ribeiro
travel on Jan 23, 2016 @ 05:08 pm

I would like to visit Japan, Australia and Israel!

Travel on Jan 23, 2016 @ 10:16 pm

Australia has always been on my list. When I first went on fb I chatted with a few from different parts. But since I've been to Myrtle Beach a few times, there are places in the South I would love to see. Right about now I would go anywhere got cabin fever. Lol

. on Jan 23, 2016 @ 10:49 pm

I went to Mexico and Dominican. Not sure exactly because I was young but I had fun!

thanks for the great ideas! on Jan 24, 2016 @ 04:08 pm

I'm definitely going to be traveling starting this summer, the only places I've been is to Florida and all the places I between driving like NYC, Washington, Kentucky where the bus would stop.
Everyone has given me great ideas now on places to go!! I'm so excited

Costa Rica! on Jan 24, 2016 @ 08:22 pm

Costa Rica was one of the best experiences I have ever had!
I do have family with property there though, so we spent time with locals.
The local food was better than the resorts (we went for dinner at 2
different resorts) and much cheaper. We got to spend time at a private
waterfall. There is so much to do there. We went to couple different
beaches, a national park, horseback riding down the mountain, played
with monkeys in the mangroves and did all kinds of trains. The roads
are treacherous! Hopefully someone in the group drives stick.
I would highly recommend it! The locals are so friendly.
Just make sure you know the $$ conversion or they will try to
rip you off with a smile on their face.

New Orleans! on Jan 26, 2016 @ 02:58 pm

I've been all over and typically travel alone and the best place I have ever visited was New Orleans. I went by myself and found the city to be warm and inviting and I never felt uneasy or unsafe.
The food and culture are by far the best I have experienced. So many little shops to explore and so much history! I loved that there was live music on almost every street corner. The colours, sights and smells are to die for!
Depending on the time of year you want to visit, hotels and flights are quite affordable and the food and events within the city are very cheap.

It is the only city I could see myself going back to year after year.

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