has anyone gone to rome? anything you recommend there? good shopping places? great restaurants? I'm going for a week in july. 
Jun 24, 2012 @ 12:21 am

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Toured Italy and France in March

Hi, I went on a tour of France and Italy which stopped in Rome the second week in March. The weather was great the whole time only wearing short sleeves or a light jacket.

It is a real tourist area with little eateries everywhere. It all depends on how much you want to spend with the Euro being the currency ( I paid $1.30 for one Euro) I recommand the pizza or pasta with bolognese sauce. The pizza and pasta is much better than we have here as everything is so fresh. Fresh bread is dipped in flavoured olive oils (white Truffle being my favourite) as well as salads make great appetizers. I only had ice cream for a dessert once as I was always full by that time.

For shopping we stopped at a leather factory in Florence and bought real leather items at great prices. I also bought olive oil and honey on the outskirts of Rome. Rome shops were to expensive to buy much on my budget. Although I did buy a Italia jacket cheap at a flee market outside. Most things seemed to be knock offs sold at the markets though.

Make sure you toss three coins in the trevi fountain for good luck in love.

Have a great time and make fabulous memories!
Jun 25, 2012 @ 12:06 am

My Two Cents

I went to Italy last summer with my sister and my mom. We visited Rome for 3 days and I loved it, although my favorite cities in Italy were The Cinque Terre and Florence. I really recommend trying to squeeze the Cinque Terre into your trip because it is absolutley gorgeous and it has beaches, great shopping, great food, and really hot guys.
Anyway. We flew into the airport for Rome through Ryan air. Then we took a bus to the city because the airport is actually like a 30 minute bus ride away.
I recommend getting the Roma pass, we got ours at a booth in the airport. It lets you get into museums and all the major touristy sight seeing places and have free city transportation. The best part for us was the quick line into places like the Colosseum--without it I'm sure we would have been waiting in line for ages. Here is a link for more information.
Also you must visit the Trevi Fountain,it is the best at night when it is lit up and that is when the locals like to hang out there too. Also there is a really gelato place on the street next to that (we read about it in Rick Steves guide to Italy.) And also by the Trevi Fountain are many designer shops like Dior (if you have enough money for that stuff).
There is a really cool place that you go to the top of this building and get to see all of Rome. It was really close to the Colloseum. It was spectacular. I can't remember the name, but we found it in a book guide to Italy as well. (I think it MIGHT be il Vittoriano)
I can't recommend many museums, most of the museums we went to were in Florence. Although we did go to the Vatican, If you are going, get there early there is literally a line: The museum there is really good (and this is coming from a person who doesn't really like museums). And it is so beautiful. I liked it even though I am not catholic--not even religious.
There are many places to shop in Rome. There are often open air markets where you can haggle for prices. I got things like a keychain, scarf, and sunglasses for great prices. Beware of the guys selling "designer" products though. They are major ripoffs and scammy. Also just like any major city, beware of pick-pockets. I have heard so many stories of lost credit cards and wallets from friends who also travelled to Italy.
There are places to eat everywhere. For breakfast and lunch I would not recommend going to a restaurant, just stop at a bakery and get a pastry or a sandwich or something because eating at a restaurant all the time will definitely bust your budget, it is pretty expensive. If I remember correctly, there was a good coffee place/bakery in the main train station, which was right next to our Hotel. But of course, you must try the pizza at least once. When in doubt, if you can't read the menu (though usually they have it translated to english) and you don't want a surprise like anchovy on your pizza, just order the Pizza Margherita which is tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. And the gelato really is to die for, I ate a new flavor every day I was in italy. One of my favorites was "puffo."
And my last advice is bring comfortable walking shoes. And I mean tried and true comfortable walking shoes. I brought a couple of pairs that I thought would be fine but they ended up giving me blisters and I literally had to buy a cheap pair of "italia" flip-flops from a vendor which hurt just as bad. I was pretty miserable. You are probably going to be walking a lot and many of the streets are cobblestone so ditch any heels for this trip.
Oh and be careful if you are going into some places like churches/museums you have to be sure to wear appropriate clothing and make sure your shoulders are covered otherwise they usually make you leave or pay a fee for a coverup, especially in the Vatican. I usually wore a light scarf for this because it gets HOT especially if you are going in july.
Jun 26, 2012 @ 02:41 pm

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