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Travel in Washington DC


Hello everyone!

I am currently travelling right now and just left Washington DC. I have to say that I was unbelievably impressed with the States capital. I could not believe how safe and comfortable I felt walking the capital. There are so many activities you can do for free too! I was surprised all of the Smithsonian museums were free. They were incredible and I learnt so much! The subway was only $2.75 per ride and I was able to go everywhere on it! While I was at the WWII monument there were over 200 WWII veterans there on a special trip. I had the privilege of meeting many of them and had the opportunity to hear their stories. I have a long line of military personnel in my family so it was a complete honour meeting them. Overall my visit was super cheap and I highly recommend you consider travelling there, especially if you love history like me!

Have you been to Washington DC? What was your favourite part? If you haven't been, what would you like to see?
May 08, 2015 @ 12:06 am

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I have!

My aunt lives in Alexandria, VA and I've visited her a few times. Her wedding was at Mt. Vernon, which was so beautiful! Huge fan of the Smithsonian museums as well. My favourite part was probably Arlington Cemetary. My father is a huge JFK buff, so visiting the Eternal Flame made me feel really close to him. It's a beautiful city, and I can't wait to go back!
May 08, 2015 @ 08:00 am


Hi mepark. Good for you to be taking a wonderful trip. Where all are you going to? The museums are fabulous, I can get lost in museums and botanical gardens. My oldest Goddaughter, went there a few months ago and sent me some beautiful photos. Go visit the Botanical Gardens. It's so lovely in there. I will have to look back to see exactly where she went. Most museums around the South are free and those that aren't, are only a few dollars. Please let us know where you are visiting. Is it a vacation? You're so lucky. How do you like our hot weather? It's 86 here today! Take care and be safe, Ginger.
May 08, 2015 @ 03:40 pm

Reply - jcb75

Mt. Vernon looks amazing! I hope I get to visit it one day. I really enjoyed the Arlington Cemetery as well. I liked watching the changing of the guards and learning the history behind it. I feel like I didn't see everything and would also love to go back!
May 09, 2015 @ 10:21 pm

Reply - rogersresaca

I actually didn't have time to visit the Botanical Gardens. I definitely think one day I will return to Washington and then maybe I will have more time to visit them. Yes, this is a vacation. My family and I are driving down from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale and taking a Caribbean cruise. We will be gone for over 3 weeks as we take our time travelling back and forth. I am loving this hot weather! We had a really horrible winter so anytime I see the sun I am outside.
May 09, 2015 @ 10:28 pm

Historic Washington, D.C.

I was lucky to visit Washington, D.C. in April some years
ago when the dogwood blossoms were in bloom.
I’m a history buff too and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museums,
galleries, memorials and historical landmarks.
We had the chance to visit quite a bit during our trip. I remember being in awe of the “Lincoln
Memorial”, the whole area with the “Washington Monument” and the “Lincoln
Memorial Reflecting Pool” is so peaceful and the perfect place to reflect on
the lives of these two great men. The
museums and galleries were stunning and I learned so much passing through their
historical halls. We even managed to
take a tour of the FBI Museum, now that was an experience. I don’t believe this tour is still
offered. It was intimidating to be there
and a very serious affair. We also took
time to honour the fallen soldiers at Arlington Cemetery. What a beautiful and peaceful cemetery. I could not believe how serene it looked; an
idyllic location to honour these brave men and women. The changing of the guard was something that
I’ll never forget. The precise, robotic
movements of the soldiers checking their rifle was impressive. The complete silence was eerie everyone was
so respectful; completely lost in their own personal thoughts. We would definitely return to this bustling
city that reminds me of Canada’s capital historic “Ottawa, Ontario”.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit “mepark” and took many
photos. You should post some in your

May 09, 2015 @ 10:35 pm

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