Walt Disney World

on Aug 04, 2014 @ 05:40 pm

Have you ever been or plan on taking a vacation to Disney World?
Do you think that it is worth the expense?

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Worth the money! on Aug 04, 2014 @ 06:22 pm

It was definitely worth the expense. I have been over 10 times and will be going again in a couple of months! :)

travel on Aug 05, 2014 @ 02:58 pm

i dont think is expensive and i plan to go to DisneyWorld next month

No way on Aug 10, 2014 @ 12:49 am

Unless you have cheap accommodation it's horribly expensive. Plus you're stuck eating the very pricy food at the park. And that's without buying any souvenirs! Plus kids are usually too young to remember the trip.

worth the expense on Sep 15, 2014 @ 02:09 pm

Yes it is an expensive trip.
I am a family of 3 planning my trip for November.
You have to consider flight costs (unless you can drive there) and accommodations - do your homework. I found a very reasonably priced motel not far from the parks.
For 3 people for 4 days in DisneyWorld (1 park per day) the tickets are about $1200. Not to mention food/souvenirs and transportation.
I say give yourself lots of time to plan and look for deals and it is well worth the trip.

Definitely Worth It! on Sep 16, 2014 @ 11:06 am

My family had the best time! Especially at Magic Kingdom!
Mapping everything out and sticking to a plan, will help ensure that you get to see and do everything you want.
Also, make sure to apply sunscreen constantly and drink lots of water!
Have a great trip!!! :)

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