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America's Next Top Model Version 2.0


Does anyone else find the New America's Next Top Model version 2.0 a little over the top?
I don't have teenage daughters but if I did. I don't think I would let them watch this season. I've watched a lot of the past seasons and mostly enjoyed them, but in this one I just feel like I should cover my eyes. 

Does anyone else think this? I'd love to hear thoughts and opinions.
Aug 27, 2013 @ 10:51 am

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Over the top?

I think they've always been kind of over the top haha. I'm liking this season so far because I enjoy getting to see the male modelling experience, but I really hate the "living pictures" aspect they have in every single photoshoot. It was cool for the first episode, now i'm just like STOP. I was definitely unimpressed with Kelly Cutrone in the beginning episodes...she is just such an unlikeable person! And clearly sabotaging the contestants scores because of a personal vendetta is so unprofessional. Also, Tyra was obviously 'helping' some of the people along because she "personally discovered them" (ice cream truck guy) when they clearly didn't deserve to be there.

I'm guessing Jourdan is going to win, she's really annoying but she's a good model. If it goes my way, Kanani will be able to come back and she'll win, because she was a great model too and seems like a genuine person. I really love Nina too, she's a good model and just adorable, and Cory is hilarious. Don is just gorgeous so I'd like him to stay! Marvin is so annoying and immature, when he cried when his friends got sent home and said "now I don't have anyone to play with", I honestly wanted to hit him! That's literally the point of the show - people get eliminated until one is left. I can't stand him. End rant.

I also think it's unfair that the last episode was the first shoot of the season where the models actually got to shoot by themselves. It's dumb that all they've done is group shots and therefore get judged as a group. For example in the farm shoot, I thought Cory's idea of them finding the alien on the farm was great, but Phil was being immature and totally ruined their chance of winning because he broke the fence. And Nina's group took awesome pictures too, but because her team had 3 guys on it and they were modelling women's clothing was just unfair (like really, they couldn't have found a designer with both male and female clothes!?). So of course the team of 3 girls won. Just stupid.

This is my one guilty pleasure I cannot shake haha, and clearly it's one of those shows I love to hate!
Sep 18, 2013 @ 05:27 pm

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