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Big Brother Canada


Anyone following?! I cannot believe Loveita and Sharry are being matched up together for elimination! I loved how real Kelsey was with Loveita and she held her own. Loveita won HoH first and I felt she came off too strong as a "boss" which no one liked and all knew that HoH was only temporary. Paige, first eliminated, is from my hometown and I wasn't surprised with her leaving. I can't wait to see how Wednesday plays out!
Mar 08, 2016 @ 05:21 pm

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It is my guilty pleasure.
Not surprised that Loveita is on the block after she tried to get the "popular" girl out haha. Hopefully it starts to get juicey soon!
Mar 08, 2016 @ 05:30 pm


I can't wait for it to get crazy!!! I have a feeling Cassandra is a lot stronger and smarter than she leads on to be, same with Joel. If they "pretend" to play stupid, they don't seem like a threat which keeps them safe. Smart strategy right?!
Mar 08, 2016 @ 05:39 pm


Agreed! It's smart to lay low. Keep the target off their backs.
Joel is from my home town. I couldn't help but laugh when he struggled to pop the champagne. I hope they keep giving the house guests lots of booze haha. Things will get ridiculous. So far I find the Australian pretty entertaining.
Mar 08, 2016 @ 06:02 pm


I haven't watched but my brother is friend's with Dallas.
Mar 10, 2016 @ 10:01 pm


I love this show! Ramsey, Dallas, Tim, the brothers and Loveita are my favourites so far. (I really liked Sharry too)
Mar 11, 2016 @ 09:03 am

Bb can

Such a guilty pleasure of mine! Does anyone else keep up with live feeds? Anytime I have time during the day it's usually spent watching them lol. I will say that love triangle with Jared, Kelsey and the brother is getting weird.
Mar 11, 2016 @ 10:32 am


I was watching the live feeds today! Joel's brother passed away unexpectedly :( I know who Lovieta is putting on the block but I won't spoil it, patiently waiting to see it shortly!
Mar 13, 2016 @ 06:22 pm


Tim and Dallas all the way
Mar 16, 2016 @ 01:44 pm


oh and whats her name... Kelsey.... I'm not a huge fan, something about her I just can't stand... she seems like ... how do I put this nicely... a $!u
Mar 16, 2016 @ 03:47 pm

big brother

At the moment there's a contest to win a night in the BB house if anyone is interested.
Mar 16, 2016 @ 04:34 pm

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