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Dexter Recap E5S5(Spoilers)First Blood


Dexter takes Harrison to a Mommy and Me class,Harrison scratches another baby and Dexter is convinced his son is a mini version of himself.

Dexter has gotten himself into quite the mess with Lumen the girl he rescued.She is hell bent on killing the men that hurt  her and where involved with Boyd.Dexter searches Boyds house to discover someone else had the same idea.He finds a fingerprint and checks it to discover its Lumens print.Later he breaks into her motel room and finds the letter she stole came from a Brunner who is Boyds old jail buddy.Making the connection she thinks he is one of the men that hurt her.

Dex goes to a homeless colony under a bridge to find Brunner.Knockes him out with a injection and gets him set up to kill when he notices he has a ankle monitor and realizes Brunner could not have been one of the men that hurt Lumen.He has a bit of a panic with his fathers ghost talking to him and pulls himself together.

Lumen on the same path afterwards sneaks as well to the bridge and about to shoot Brunner ,gets pulled aside by Dex explaining Brunner could not have done it hes innocent.

Deb and Quinn relationship contnues,Deb is upset hes taken time off work and wants him to help her with the latest case.She is hot on the trail of Fuentes brothers the ones doing the gruesome ritual murders.Shes trying to fiqure out what the tattoo of a eye is that one of the  almost victims of the brother said was on his hand.She discovers it is not a tattoo but actually a hand stamp for a local nightclub and must be there hangout.

Laguerta/Batista storyline continues with him thinking she is cheating and walks in accusing her during a bust.She is quite angry and puts him in his place.

Dexter takes Lumen to the airport thinking hes seen the last of her and leaves.She has a panic attack being searched as she set off the metal detector.It ends with her getting in a cab and the driver saying welcome to Miami so were in for a long ride with Lumen!

My thoughts at this point with the whole Lumen storyline and I could be very wrong is I think theres a conection to the weird inspirational thing Boyd was into the  videos and tapes of the man saying TAKE IT!Perhaps maybe even a  family connection with Lumen  we will see!
Oct 25, 2010 @ 01:37 am

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