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Dexter Recap September 26,2010(SPOILERS)


Spoiler Warning!Season 5-Episode-My Bad

Dexter fans have been waiting for Season 5 with anticipation  as we were left with quite the sad cliff hanger of the aftermath of the Trinity Killer killing Rita and Dexter walking in to find Baby Harrison crying on the bathroom floor covered in blood  and Rita in the bathtub dead.

Episode 5 opens with a brief recap of the above and then Dexter clutching baby Harrison on his front lawn in a state of shock.The police swarm in to hear  Dex saying he did it.Deborah his sister arrives shortly  after to Dexters rescue as always.

Dexters workmates show up and there are some rude jokes as usual from Masuka and LaGuerta shows up laying down the law that they are out and the FBI will take over.

As the episode goes on Deborah brings Dexter and baby Harrison back to stay with her.Deb gets increasingly worried about Dexter being so unresponsive as she tried to talk about funeral arrangements and when they meet with the funeral director I couldn't  help but feel Dexter meets six feet under for anyone who may know that connection.So basically Deb takes over with all the funeral arrangements.

Then the heart retching part where Dexter has to break the news to Astor and Cody and Rita's parents who have just returned from Disneyland and presented Dex with Micky mouse ears for himself and a pair for Rita.He breaks the news that she was murdered no emotion just the facts.

Astor is in a rage and Dexter follows her outside where she says that she wishes he was dead  and not her mother there will be lots of tension with these two.Astor has lots of anger pent up towards Dex and she is angry  that Dexter wasn't there to rescue her mother.

Quinn is zooming in on Dexter and asking lots of questions one of which was to Elliot the neighbor who was crying the night the police arrived.Hes lets him know that he knows he and Rita had a moment.He says it was just a kiss and that Dexter then came and beat him up.So more ammo for  Quinn  hes determined to bust Dexter(I predict theres going to be a bad showdown with Dex and Quinn and Quinn is going to lose!)Hes been getting under Dexters skin for awhile.

Then we got Deborah back on the emotional roller coaster of her life and has some pre-funeral sex with QUINN on Dexters kitchen floor what was with that!Is there a new future romance in future episodes?Dex wont like that at all!

Dexter seems racked with guilt and is distraught hes not getting his visions of Harry  and feels Harry has  deserted him and he keep thinking of memory's  of when he met Rita.
In attempts to leave town  and his former life he burns down his shed and all its evidence linked to him.He leaves baby Harrison with some crazy cat lady as Deb calls her lol

He then takes off on  his boat having  more memory's of Rita.He feels free even though hes left three motherless children and not showing up at a  FBI  meeting scheduled he was supposed to attend and worst of all not going to his wife's funeral!

He stops at a port to gas up and is about to break a code of his for the first time.He kills without thought or research as his motto has always been  to kill people who are bad for the society.Just a  random kill of a guy who was rude to him  thats all it took he killed him with a a boat anchor.

Harry then finally appears for the first time in  the show and Dexter recieves the only support that is his driving force.Harry tells him this is the first human thing you've done Dex  and Dex breaks down as Harry tells Dexter  to show emotion(for those who dont know Harry is Dexters adpoted father he idolized who is dead he gets visions of him.)

Dexter makes it back just in time to give his wife Rita's Eulogy.Deb is upset about the FBI posted around the burial site  because Dexter missed his interview.Dexters Eulogy seems heartfelt,he bluntly said Rita was brutally murdered with the kids there.He said she was innocent.Odd he mentioned in Eulogy that he wasnt even human until he met her.

Will Dexter now be on a path to normal human emotion?When he burned down his shed and all his weapons/etc  for killing was he trying to rid  all his evil and start fresh?Are we rooting for a curable justice avenger?Or a murderous psychopath who is just truly beyond damaged from seeing his own mother brutally murdered.When he killed someone tonight and broke his own crazy code I think this path is about to get really bumpy...Hold on to your seats!!!!Any other Dexter fans thoughts?Predictions?


Sep 27, 2010 @ 02:50 am

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Very juicy episode! I haven't seen many Dexter episodes but I'm starting to think I should!!
Sep 28, 2010 @ 12:24 pm

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