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Dexter Recap SPOILERS S5E4


Last week we were left wondering how were always left wondering.How the %*$%^#$
will Dexter get out of this new mess!Well his latest mess is Lumen Pierce (Introduce Julia Stiles)She was a victim of Dexters Victim Boyd,whom she witnessed Dexter kill.

Dex takes advantage of her weak state and brings her to a abandoned visitors centre.She is freaking out thinking Dex is another Boyd there to harm her.

After Dex sedates her to calm her down as she is fighting back,He gets a call from Deb and she insists he help her at a gruesome crime scene.He hesitated but realizes he can sneak in fingerprints of Lumen to try fiquare out who she is.He gets to the crime scene and as usual finds the clues and saves the day somewhat.He finds the killers smoke tipped cigars and to check the DNA on those.

Meanwhile the new nanny is not a happy camper having to babysit a all nighter with no word from Dexter.She quits on the spot saying this is not the  job for her.Dex upset takes Harrison back to the police station to sneak the prints and fiquare out Lumens story his unplanned prisoners story.He finds she was staying at a motel and gets there pays off her debts owed and gets her luggage.That includes a letter from her Mom that seems to elude that Lumen left home to get away from her Dad and a bad situation.

Meanwhile we have Batista storyline trying to make peace with the officer he beat up for saying rude things about his wife trying to save his job.the fellow agrees to drop charges but the Investigative fellow not letting it rest.

Then theres Quinn so determined in his quest to prove Kyle Butler is Dexter.He tracks down the Trinity killers familys safe home and corners there son in a convienient store showing him a pictuere of Dex before the cops haul him off.Quinns days are numbered Im sure of it hes jumping into a dangerous situation.Weve seen Dex kill before  people who have found out his secrets.

We are also geting into the storyline of the cult killers who behead people in a cult sort of ritual they tracked them down,however the killer got away.Deb will become consummed with this.

Dexter wrestles with Lumen as she escapes and he catches her and takes her to the swamp were Boyd was dumping the bodies of woman in barrels and opens one to show Lumen what would have happened to her shows her the hard cold truth .He opens up about his wife being murdered and that she needs to take a leap of faith and trust him that hes not going to kill her.

She starts to trust Dex and reveal more about herself she had earlier said to Dex Do you want to sell me to?Then at the end of the episode says that Boyd wasnt the ony one that hurt her and that she cant go back to her family.Sounds like some twisted storyline about sex trafficking/torture selling and sounds like her father may be behind it.Well the Dexter gossip and spoilers have been stating that Julie Stiles character is going to be very crazy!Well hmmm I would be crazy as well going through what we now see shes gone through.What dont we know?What else is there to her past we dont know?This will be interesting to see her storyline.I just hope Dexter doesnt make her his babysitter yikes!I can see something like that coming because the baysitter said shed give him one more chance but seems like at the end of the episode he was out yet late again.I think hes pushed his luck with the babysitter for the last time.

Oct 18, 2010 @ 02:35 am

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