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Dexter Spoiler Recap (S5S6)


                 Everything is Illumenated(Season 5-Episode 6)

Well we are half way through the series and things are starting to be more understandable its very clear there is a kidnapping/sexual abuse/murder ring uncovering.There is also these ritual murders unfolding with the Fuentes Brothers.

We start with Dexter packing with help from Deb moving on from Ritas old house.

Dexter has his sights set on a new kill,a fellow who meets up with men and then kills them.He puts a ad in personals and the fellow comes to him.He has rented a motor home to do the kill.He has everything set up and ready to do his kill when his phone keeps ringing.

It is Lumen who has said she never left Miami and shot a man who had raped her.Dex feels forced to go help her.He throws the unconscious victim in the trunk of his car and off he goes to Lumens rescue

When he arrives the body is gone and just a big puddle of blood.He tracks down the wounded man with supplies hes brought.Lumen questioning him all the time as to what does he do for a living.The wounded man is in a  seperate part of the warehouse in a somehwhat of a man hole with a large grate over top.

Dexter is clearly fed up with Lumen and thinks she has shot a innocent man.But as they step outside they hear the man on Lumens cell phone he manages to steal.He is saying The last girl is still alive!!Dexter snaps his neck and kills him just like that.He then tells Lumen to go stay at Ritas old house so he can set it up to look like a crime scene.

Dexter puts the original victim who tried to escape out of the car(he strangles him) next to the fellow Lumen shot.Masuka and Deb arrive and they close the case as a sexual scenrio gone bad.

Batista brings a woman from Club Maya who has agreed to help set up the Fuentes brothers

It ends with Dex andLumen bonding somewhat.He realizes the pain she has gone through and agrees to help her kill all the men that hurt her.

I see a realtionship starting to happen here between Dexter and Lumen how wrong is this!

Also Deb and Quinn have confessed to each other they want to become more then just bed buddies.

Nov 01, 2010 @ 01:43 pm

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Love Dexter!

I love this show so much!
Nov 03, 2010 @ 01:46 pm



Glad to see a fellow Dexer fan!Have you watched the previous seasons?Whats your thoughts on this Season?Any predictions on the upcoming episodes?
Nov 07, 2010 @ 09:22 pm

Yes Ive watched them all.

I sure have Im a die hard fan.My favourite season was last years with John Lithgow he was awesome!This season has been really good to.Hmm predictions I think Quin is in trouble big time Dexter is going to take him out.Love the recap.
Nov 09, 2010 @ 04:29 pm

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