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Dexter- SPOILER/RECAP:Episode 2-Hello Bandit


SPOILERS AHEAD!Episode 2 -Hello Bandit

Tonight's episode opens with Dexter swimming underwater and we get a voice over of Dex talking about stages of grief.

Dexter and the three kids have moved into Debs until they find a new apartment.Dexter not wanting to live in the  house Rita was murdered in but Astor is wanting to go back home and is still very irate with Dexter.Dexter just keeps trying to keep them all a family unit trying the best he can now a single father of three kids

Dexter meets with the feds and is cleared but a new problem is developing!They are trying to track Kyle Butler as they know Kyle Butler was associating with the trinity killer in Season 4  from accounts from Trinity's family(Dexter is Kyle Butler!)He used this alias when tracking and befriending Trinity at first before murdering him in Season 4.

Quinn gets a hold of the composites of Kyle Butler and is piecing this jigsaw puzzle together!TROUBLE AHEAD!The plot thickens!

Quinn and Debs story line quite honestly was boring.Hes befriending her and being the good guy with her and trying all these antics to try have another sexual romp with her.

Moving along Dexter is looking for a moving van and spots some old dried drops of blood in one and of course decides this is the moving van he wants.He becomes obsessed with this dried blood.He soon cant resist and analyzes it while having a conversation with his Dads apparition.He concludes a woman was murdered in the moving van.

As we know Dex has access to police records and checks out who had the moving van before him.It traces a Boyd Fowler and he has a criminal record and is now a sanitation worker that picks up dead road kill.Dexter is suspicious and plants a raccoon carcass  on the road and has Boyd pick it up.Dexter also breaks into his house and discovers woman's hair with numbers attached to them.Fowler is not looking to good!

Astor and Cody go to live with there grandparents,Astor cannot forgive Dexter,Cody is heartbroken but Dexter tells him he needs to stay with his sister.They drive off as Dexter s voice over says.Astor and Cody made me see I can still love and that makes it harder to let them go.

So with the kids gone more chances for Dexter to get back on his killing sprees that is quite apparent.

The episode closes with Dex walking knee deep in a marshy river where he followed Fowler dumping barrels in the river earlier that morning .It is dark late evening   and hes got a flashlight and opens the barrel and inside is a very dead woman.Its cuts to a scene of Fowler dumping a body in a barrel and attaching electrodes and electrocuting the lady.Dexter aims his flashlight around the marsh land and there are about 4 more barrels floating around.

Tonight's episode was a bit of a snooze for me.But I know they are leading up to some explosive episodes to come.It will only get better!It is hard to compete with last Season 4 with the Trinity Killer played by the amazing John Lithgow but I know those twists and turns are coming!I just read this recently in a  article(will paste below)

Fans of Dexter are still pretty much in the dark when it
comes to news on the much anticipated fifth season, but little by little
Showtime dishes out new nuggets of information. Today the cable network
issued a press release announcing that actress Julia Stiles will join
for 10 episodes. It seems she will play a mysterious young woman that
forms a relationship with our favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan
(Michael C. Hall). This sounds a little bit like Lila, Dexter’s
Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, another ‘mysterious woman’ that Dexter met.

Will Stiles character be as psychotic as Lila or more reserved? Who knows, but we’ll be watching.

Yikes does anyone remember Lila?She was scary!Lets see what Julia Stiles does with this role she is a great actor so I'm excited to see her character and how she will be portrayed.

Oct 04, 2010 @ 02:13 am

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