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                                              Practically Perfect S5E3

The epiosde opens with Deb interviewing ladies for a nanny position.Deb is acting more like a cop interrogating the ladies.Eventually Dex and Deb meet and choose Sonya she takes Harrison and sings to him and he seems taken and smiles with the lady so this makes Dex comfortable

Dex still had Boyd Fowler on his mind wondering if killing him will fill a empty void.Dex strategically bumps into Boyd at a little bistro Dex acts like hes out of work and desperate and would do just about anything.Boyd invites him on a the road with him to see his job in all its glory!(NOT!)First lesson scooping a very dead poor skunk off the hot asphalt and telling Dex  he would be  a natural for the job because he can handle the smell of death.

Quinn oh Quinn!Is getting so close to nailing Dexter convinced the generic picture of Kyle Butler is Dex(and he would be right!)Masuka says it looks more like Justion Bieber not that he would know who that is and walks away very fast LOL!)

Quinn pushing to meet the mitchells who are in a safe house now.Oh this episode when we get to it will be something!Of course the mitchells will know the picture Quinn shows them of Dex is none other then Kyle Butler!Quinn is getting closer and closer to becoming a up and coming victim of Dexter!

Batista is in trouble after a bar fight beating up a fellow officer who was being a big mouth and crude saying things about Batistas wife and he snapped.WEll now the officer is pressing charges not looking good for Batista

Meanwhile the team is dealing with a very stressful serial killer which seems apparant is tied to a voodo type cult grisley kills.Its happening in a Venezuelan neighbourhood and the people are scared and not opening up.One fellow tried to open up very frightened and he was found decapitaed with his eyes and tongue cut out with the usual candles around the decapitated head..At any rate the neighbourhood is scared and holding back about things

Dex still with Boyd on a call to get a dead croc carcass are walking through the park.Dex in usual fashion creeps behind and  inserts a injection in boyds neck,but boyds quick!He shoots Dex with a tranquilizer gun and there both down and out for the count.

They end up together in the ambulance both staring at each other groggy knowing there both screwed! if tehy say the truth both of them to much to hide!So they lie like theres no tommorow.In hospital both scared of one another .Dex boots it out of there before Boyd.

Boyd goes home grabs a gun as he hears a noise.Dexter sneaks behind and gets him this time with the injection in the neck.Meanwhile calling the new babysitter to say he would be late,she tells him Harrison took his first step.Dex for a minute in awe his son is normal and walking.But back to the buisness ahead!

Boyd awakes in a room in his house,the walls covered in newspaper(Dex had no plastic!)Hes duct taped to a tableFew words exchanged.Dex says he needs to pay for the killings of those innocent young woman he killed  and he needs to suffer.He then quickly stabs Boyd  in the heart waits for the void to be filled....Nothing he feels emptier.

Dex  then sees a face peeking in he panics and opens the door to find a frantic woman scared,battered(first introduction to Julia Stiles).He puts his knife down trying to tell her shes ok but she is SCARED!She collapses in his arms he tries to resure her but it then sinks in............


Is this going to sink Dexter?NOPE!Julia Stiles will be through the rest of the episodes sources say that she is deranged(well now I see why!)I cant wait to see how there going to deal with this one next week.Really good episode tonight!

Oct 11, 2010 @ 02:23 am

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I meant to say SHE SAW EVERYTHING near the end......We had Thanksgiving dinner tonight and Im not writing very good to full and tired lol.Happy Thansgiving everyone! :))))
Oct 11, 2010 @ 02:58 am

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