Game of Thrones

on Jun 13, 2016 @ 06:20 pm

So I basically binge watched my way into season six in Game of Thrones-I just LOVE it and I can't believe it took me this long to get into it!
Any of you that haven't seen it? I probably was the only one lol 

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. on Jun 13, 2016 @ 06:50 pm

I haven't seen it at all and feel like I need to binge watch as well. My boyfriend loves it.

I loved it!!! on Jun 13, 2016 @ 07:26 pm

I will admit it's pretty graphic and I often have to close my eyes lol but it is really great-I don't know why I didn't watch it before-I did that with all the hit shows-like breaking bad and sons of anarchy lol but I've caught up on them all!

Love it! on Jun 13, 2016 @ 07:41 pm

We watch it every week - it is awesome!

There are so many story lines to follow, and you just never know what is going to happen next.

Husband read all the books maybe when the first season started, so he explains anything confusing/background info to me. So sometimes it takes longer to watch an episode, but it makes it more enjoyable to me when I have a better understanding of the background.

Caught up now too! on Jul 01, 2016 @ 04:55 pm

I watched the last episode of season 6 on Monday. Took me a little while to catch up as I started from season 1 too. Don't know why I waited so long as well. The "Red Wedding" was shocking but because I had heard about it so much it didn't have the same shock value for me. Waiting this long sort of ruined it for me. Will be on top of it for season 7.

. on Jul 02, 2016 @ 02:51 pm

I actually stopped watching for a while because the sexism really got to me, but I think I'm going to start again, because the show is further than I've read in the books now so I want to know!

Game of Thrones on Jul 04, 2016 @ 11:11 am

If you love Game of Thrones and haven't seen Coldplay's "musical" parody, it's a must watch:

:) on Jul 04, 2016 @ 12:28 pm

J'adore cette série pour les paysages grandioses et l'histoire incroyable, plein de rebondissements. Je la regarde depuis le début. Mon conjoint, par contre, n'aime pas du tout cette série

. on Jul 04, 2016 @ 05:50 pm

Season 6 was great! The finale was so well constructed and just amazing!! Game of Thrones is my favourite TV show

. on Feb 25, 2017 @ 05:08 pm

Such a damn good series!!!!!! I am so excited for the next season! Missing it.

Just announced! on Feb 25, 2017 @ 09:42 pm

June 25th!!!!!!! Season 7! Yessssssss!!!!

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