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Glee Recap: Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Spoilers Ahead!

In case you missed it....

Last night's episode was all about Britney Spears!  The whole Glee club wanted to do Britney songs for the school's Homecoming pep assembly except for Mr Shue and Brittany.  Mr Shue thinks Brit isn't a great role model and Brittany was against it because she considers Spears her rival. Turns out, her middle name is Susan and her last name is Pearce, which makes her Britney S Pearce (say it fast and it pretty much sounds like "Britney Spears")!!  So funny!  Brittany says she's lived in Spear's shadow her whole life and "it's been a hard road"!!

Anyways, another amazing part of the episode was the introduction of the very dreamy John Stamos!  He plays Carl, Emma's new boyfriend and the new school dentist.  Brittany is the first to get her teeth checked over, and since she doesn't brush her teeth but instead rinses her mouth with soda every night (EW! haha) she has cavities on every tooth!  Carl gives her a very strong sedative as he works on her mouth and she dreams herself in Britney Spear's Slave for You video. 

Surprisingly, Glee Brittany really looks like Spears!!

After the commercial break, Brittany and Santana both go for teeth bleaching, and dream themselves as Britney and Madonna in the Me Against the Music video.  At the end of the dream, Britney Spears shows up to Glee Britney and Glee Brit decides she's ready to do Spears' songs for the pep rally!

At the next Glee club meeting, Kurt begs Mr. Shue to do Brit, Shue refuses and Kurt flips out and tells him to stop being so uptight!  Mr Shue sends him to the Principal's office.

Next up for teeth cleaning is Mr Shue.  Shue wants Emma back and tells Carl he is willing to fight for her, but Carl convinces him to lay off and just relax a bit!

When Mr Shue leaves, Rachel is in the waiting room who then does "Hit Me Baby One More Time".  Rachel gets inspired and starts dressing like Britney Spears to class. 

Artie goes for a teeth cleaning next and because he's obsessed with getting Tina back, he imagines himself on the football team (with Brit Spears as a cheerleader) and sings "Stronger". 

Artie finds Finn in the locker room about to go for a run around the track to get back in shape, and asks Finn to help him get on the football team.  Finn refuses to back him up this time. Coach Bieste walks in and really easily let's Finn and Artie back on the team -- no questions asked.

Back at Glee club, Will decides that if Emma likes an easygoing man like Carl, that he needs to loosen up!  He buys a convertible car and tries to take Emma for a spin, but his ex-wife Terry shows up and messes it up for him.  So he decides that the best thing to do is to let the Glee club perform Britney Spears songs and to join them on stage at the pep assembly.

At the assembly, New Directions performs "Toxic".  Sue is furious that they are singing Britney Spears because she thinks that the teenagers at the school will get too excited and sure enough, the audience goes wild.  One girl from the crowd yells "Mr. Shue, let me be your Britney!" Haha  Sue pulls the fire alarm to stop it and calls the scene a "Britney Spears Sex Riot".

Next scene Sue is in a neck brace and threatens to Sue Will! 

Now that Finn's back on the football team, Rachel is jealous that he won't want to date her anymore.  She gets Quinn to hit on Finn but he turns her down, and Rachel feels confident in their relationship again. 

Overall, I don't think a whole lot happened this week.  The Britney Spears music videos were really great, but nothing was touched on from last episode.  What happened to Sunshine and Matt?  Are they still trying to recruit new members?  Why is Will suddenly so crazy about Emma? 
Sep 29, 2010 @ 10:15 am

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I enjoyed the episode

but it didn't advance the plot a whole lot.? It was mostly just about the music vids, which were very well done though....
Sep 30, 2010 @ 03:00 pm

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