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HIMYM Recap: Tuesday September 22, 2010


Missed the Season 6 premiere? Don't sweat! We got you covered. 
Caution: Spoiler Alert!!

Foreshadowing at the beginning of the episode showed Ted and Marshall at a wedding, at which Ted was nervous.

Back in the present, Ted is nervous about approaching  a girl sitting at the bar. After some bantering with Barney, who tried to take dibs on the girl, Cindy (Rachel Bilson) shows up and happens to be friends with the girl at the bar. After Cindy apologizes to Ted for being rude to him after their failed date last season, she tells him to say bye before he leaves, which he takes as an opportunity to approach her friend. When he finally musters up the courage and begins approaching the two, Cindy and the girl start making out, and according to older Ted, eventually get married. 

Robin was still in the dumps emotionally (and hygienically) as a result of breaking up with Don, who took the job that she turned down to stay in NY with him. However, she ends up getting her act together to prove Barney wrong -- that she hasn't "lost it (attractiveness)".

Lily and Marshall were preparing for their special night to start trying to have a baby, until Lily receives a cradle from Marshall's father. This deeply upsets Lily, because trying to have a baby was something she wanted to keep private, but Marshall tells his dad everything. After a heated argument, Lily confesses that the reason why she wanted to keep everything private was because she was afraid they would not be able to conceive, and ultimately let Marshall down. After a heart-warming Lily/Marshall moment, they're back on track.

The end of the episode brings us back to the intro scene. We find out that Ted was nervous about giving a speech, not because it was his own wedding. It starts to rain and Ted says, "Don't worry, I've got an umbrella," (You thinking what I'm thinking?) and the two run in. End scene.

I can't wait for next week's episode!!
Sep 23, 2010 @ 10:03 am

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