The Bachelor February 28, 2011


South Africa- The Bachelor

The overnight dates... dum dum dum!! (Drumroll please)

Chantal O- The first date

A highly cliche start to the show, Brad shows up to pick up Chantal in a safari hat. They begin on their safari trip through South Africa. They spot some charming animals, where the giraffe looks like she/he knows something...perhaps that Brad is creepy. Then, they picnic with a Hippo by their side. The most surprising part of the date is the overnight suite, which was unconventional for the Bachelor. They spend the night in a treehouse...I would be afraid of that giraffe coming back.

Emily- Second Date

Brad comes out on an elephant, straddling a lovely South African gentleman. Ta DA!!! Can we all agree how much we LOVED Emily stunning dinner outfit? She looked like my favorite Barbie. Emily finally chooses to spend the night with Brad, even after her “I’m a mom and trying to set an example” speech. The good news for Emily is that she wont have to worry about pesky South African mosquitoes, because she gets an ACTUAL room, not a treehouse. Brad professes his love for Emily within the first 2 minutes of them sitting down in the fantasy suite.

Ashley: Third overnight date

The begin their date in a dramatic helicopter ride, as Ashley freaks out of her fear of helicopters. Apparently they were too cheap to install the helicopter door, or they just wanted to terrify the poor girl. Their date takes an awkward toll as they continuously have trouble with their communication and understanding each other. This is by far the best overnight date location out of the three, in a beautiful suite, with an incredible view! Although... the date still seems awkward, with A LOT of tension between the two and much distance.

Instead of a cocktail party, at this stage of the game, the ladies leave a video message for Brad. Chantal and Emily leave a sweet and caring message, while Ashley leaves another misunderstood, and awkward message. Starting the rose ceremony, Brad asks to speak to Ashley in private to express his concerns. She seems regretful about how the past few dates have gone down, and she feels like it is too late. 

Who goes home? Awkward Ashley. He tells her that he must tell her goodbye, instead of putting her through the rose ceremony (which is actually a very gentleman-ly act of Brad). 

Next week is the women tell all and then it is the Final ROSE!!

Feb 28, 2011 @ 09:45 pm

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Ali de Bold

Hee hee!

I'll have to watch this episode online. I'm very curious how Brad manages to ride an elephant and straddle a lovely South African gentleman at the same time. LOL! I'm sure you meant something else?
Mar 01, 2011 @ 12:17 pm


That came out a little differently than my intentions!
Mar 01, 2011 @ 12:48 pm


Dolce your comments made me want to watch it too! @Ali - can you paste the link we can use to watch it? :)
Mar 01, 2011 @ 01:07 pm

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