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The Bachelor Jan 24, 2011 RECAP


Another “dramatic” episode of The Bachelor tonight...Actually, it was more of a tearfest than anything else. The episode begins with Michelle waking up with a black eye...Why she has a black eye? No one knows!

There are 3 dates, 2 1-on-1, and 1 group date

Date Card #1: Chantal- How deep is your love?

  • He picks her up in a helicopter
  • She is afraid of deep water...but their date takes them scuba diving. Chantal says, “I did it because he’s worth it”... ?:S ok....would you jump into a pool of crocodiles because “he’s worth it?”. Then, Chantal opens up about her previous relationship AND she apologizes for slapping him the first night. Chantal gets a rose (Their connection actually seems very genuine, and they seem like a real couple)
  • Their date ends with..Chantal “I don’t want to leave you”- Brad “No one said you had to”...as they roll around in bed together.. HMmm.

Date Card #2: ashley s, stacey, lindsay, meagan, ali, lisa, ashley h, jackie: Let’s put our love on the line

  • They go on a radio show and talk to Dr.Drew (celebrity rehab star). Brad feels that this date is the best idea, because everyone seems to be opening up. Later, they go back to his bachelor pad, for a little swim and drinks (more for some than others). Ashley H  is negative nelly on the group date. She becomes almost as jealous as Michelle. She deals with her jealousy by getting drunk.
  • Britt gets the group date Rose

Date card #3: Michelle (Let’s hang out together)

  • Chantal mentions that all the other date cards had something with “Love” in the title. Michelle becomes insecure and jealous again and asks “Why didn’t he put LOVE in mine? I don’t have LOVE”. When Brad comes to pick up Michelle, he goes to talk to Ashley H first to talk about the previous night. Michelle obviously doesn’t take this too well, and reacts. In Ashley H’s defense, Chantal stands up to Michelle and her outrage and compares this situation to one which Michelle was a part of earlier in the season (tensions are high between the two ladies, as always)
  • The helicopter picks them up and lands on a tall building, at which point they must scale down the side in order to get down to their dinner. Michelle conquers her fear of heights ‘in the name of love’. Brad gives Michelle the rose as another predictable make-out session in the pool unfolds. 

Cocktail party/Rose Ceremony

Before the cocktail party, his therapist pays another visit. Brad talks about his concerns of the expectations he feels from the women in reciprocating and showing his feelings for them. At the cocktail party, he prepares a mini date for Emily with wine, candles, throw pillows and blankets. The girls begin feeling very jealous, to the point where Meagan says that she thinks there should obviously only be one rose tonight (for Emily), because of the big statement he was making. The ladies eliminated tonight are: Meagan, Lindsay, and Stacey. 

Previews for next week show that the waterworks keep on coming.

Jan 24, 2011 @ 10:03 pm

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