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The Bachelor Recap Feb 21, 2011


Hometown dates

Chantal- Seattle, Washington

Brad comes to Seattle to Chantal’s hometown to meet her pets, and try to get past their opinions before the parents. They drive up to Chantal’s parents’ mansion to meet Chantal’s brother, mom and dad. The meet and greet with the parents goes really well for Brad, after bonding with her dad and sharing stories about their background. The footage doesn’t show anything about Brad’s interaction with Chantal’s over-plasticized mom or brother. 

Ashley- Madawaska, Northern Maine

They begin the date by going to a small diner where Ashley introduces Brad to a usual Canadian dish, Poutine! She feeds him a gravy fry only to say...“aww good job, and I saw your crown”, Brad: “Spoken like a true dentist”. They pick up dinner and go visit the overly-excited small--town family. The main discussion in this hometown date was Ashley’s drive in her career, and Brad begins questioning whether he will hold her back in the future, but he is re-assured by Ashley’s sister that Ashley is ready to settle down at this point in her life. 

Shawntelle- Chico, California

This is probably the strangest and most morbid start to a hometown date, getting a tour of a crematory/ morgue.  The dinner starts off on a really positive note, meeting the family. It turns a little differently, when Shawntelle’s dad begins talking about the family business, and Shawntelle being the successor to the business. Shawntelle vocalizes her feelings for Brad and the mood seems to change a little. The family hometown ends on a really positive note, with Shawntelle’s father giving Shawntelle and Brad his and his family’s blessing to their future happiness. 

Emily- Charlotte, North Carolina

The date begins really awkwardly with Brad meeting Emily’s daughter, Ricky. It doesn’t go so well at the beginning since Ricky is not even willing to look at Brad, but later warms up to him after they share a moment flying a kite (reminds us of Molly and Jason’s date- no?). The date ends with Brad showing his “respect” by telling Emily that since it is the first time he has met her daughter, he would feel disrespectful to kiss Emily. To our ‘surprise’, they end up kissing at the door.


Rose Ceremony

At the Gansevoort Hotel. (it’s a great location by the way, was there last week! A great view of NYC)

1st rose: Ashley (surprising first pick)

2nd rose: Emily

3rd rose: Chantal O (for dramatic effect, last one chosen) 

Going Home: Shawntelle 

Next week: South Africa

Feb 21, 2011 @ 09:56 pm

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