The Bachelor Recap Feb 7 2011


In Costa Rica: 2 one-on-one’s, and one group date.

Chantal O gets the first one-on-one date

They begin the first date by helicoptering around (Surprise Surprise!). Brad surprises her by arranging for a zip line, in the pouring rain. He was continuously impressed by her confidence and sense of adventure. They arrive to a dinner picnic by the river, as the rain begins to pour once again. It seems that every time the two of them are alone, it starts to rain. Is it a good sign or a bad sign? Well perhaps it’s a good sign for Brad, since Chantal is forced to de-robe and walk around in his dress shirt. After much smooching, Brad finally gives her the rose. In her ‘confession’ Chantal tells the camera, that she has fallen in love with Brad. 

Group Date Card: Jakie Michelle Emily Ashley Shawntelle Britt “Love springs naturally” 

They begin their date by repelling down a cliff. Michelle is on a group date, and is not happy about it! Just as you may have guessed, she begins her negative, jealous streak. Her sour face is because she claimed that on her one-on-one with Brad, they promised each other they would never repel off anything with anyone else. She says “We had a pact. It’s really annoying to see Brad being nice to the other girls”.  She begins acting up like a child, but her mood completely turns around in a bi-polar fashion as Brad tells her that they are repelling down together. They end their date off at a hot springs where some of the girls expresses their concerns and reveal jealousy towards the earlier part of the date. Brad decides that he does not want to give out the group date rose out.

Alli get’s the last one-on-one “Meet me at the alter”

Brad shows up on a horse just like “Prince Charming”. This date would be my worst nightmare; being in a claustrophobic cave with bats! They have a romantic dinner set up, but their conversation quickly turns very awkward. Instead of talking about meaningful things since their time is limited, they are barely making small talk.

After saying,“She has every single quality that I want in a wife”, he decides not to give her a rose.

After Alli’s tearful goodbye, Michelle shows up at Brads door. She begins by telling Brad who to vote out next and in what order. 

Rose Ceremony:

Alli (gone), and Jakie gets sent home.

Feb 07, 2011 @ 10:16 pm

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