The Bachelor Recap March 7, 2011

on Mar 07, 2011 @ 11:14 pm

It's the episode before the finale, and Brad gears up to face all the women he has rejected. Just as any other "Women tell all episode", it was more like a tell nothing, and the time was spent talking about nothing of significance. As Chris Harrison puts it "It's the most shocking/controversial episode of Bachelor history"....maybe not so much. It is a two hour episode of some bickering with ladies we have forgotten over the season. 

As expected, Michelle and Ashley H were on the hot seat, but an awkward debacle was between Raichel and Melissa. Apparently they had a 'feud', that no one had any clue about really?

Michelle was also a little awkward, as she started crying--I mean, we want to remember her as the tough crazy lady, not the girl who 'feels bad' and is suddenly emotional. 

Ashley H also debuted her brand new look- and she looks terrific! :)

Finally, Brad assures Chris about his relationship situation today. He says he is very in love and happy. We also see some really hilarious bloopers- which was honestly the best 3 minutes of this whole 2 hour episode. This leads to the two remaining ladies' journeys with Brad from the beginning. 


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