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Two and a Half Men


Did anyone catch the premiere episode of Two and a Half Men with new star- Ashton Kutcher who took over for Charlie Sheen?

If not, check out this youtube clip over here first! 

Here is the new opening intro too!

Apparently he has won over most critics- what do you think? Will Ashton last or will this be just a novelty that will wear off? 

Sep 20, 2011 @ 01:36 pm

4 Replies


I saw it

I saw it and I liked it. It's a little caricatured but that was to be expected. They kept his Michael Kelso dopiness which I have split feelings on.

As long as they don't go overboard I think this could be a very good move.
Sep 20, 2011 @ 01:50 pm

Better than expected

I thought it was pretty funny. I liked the beginning the best. I really do not like the intro though, too silly. I think I will definitely be missing Charlie.
Sep 20, 2011 @ 05:18 pm

Never Been a Fan but Not Too Bad!

I don't like the intro either @cjung, I guess they were going for the awkwardness but it came off too silly and jokey...

I agree @mamaluv that he was super kelso-ish and I am not sure I liked that. I think the whole dumb hot guy thing will wear off soon.
Sep 20, 2011 @ 05:32 pm

Eh, its ok

I am a little disappointed in this show ...

They are making Alan TOO pathetic, and you are right about the dumb hot guy thing ...

Jake is funny as always ..

Have to say though, when Allan was in the nut house and at the very end says "WINNING" it was very funny.

Berta, she is my girl ! Love her.

I feel that the show is still funny as hell, but it was the way Charlie delivered the lines that made it good quality humour. I will continue to watch, but it isnt the same.
Nov 17, 2011 @ 02:52 pm

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