Unbreakable Kimmie

on Apr 03, 2015 @ 10:51 am

Oh my this show is so funny.  I cant wait until next season.  I love this show and is so opposite to the Kardashians.  Kimmie is so sweet and so funny.  

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Unbreakable on Apr 03, 2015 @ 12:04 pm

I LOVE this show! I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't sure if that actress could pull off being the star of a show, but she blew my expectations out of the water. It's so quirky and weird, and a little bit inappropriate, and definitely my kind of comedy. My husband and I binge-watched it over a couple of days. I hope they come out with more episodes soon because I love it!

Kimmie on Apr 03, 2015 @ 02:17 pm

I loved Ellie Kemper when she starred in the Office. This is a show I will certainly take a look at. I just watched the trailer and it does seem interesting!

Kimmie on Apr 03, 2015 @ 03:59 pm

What type of show is this? I've never heard of it. Is it only on Canadian channels? I would love to watch, if it's on in the US also. Ginger.

Kimmie on Apr 05, 2015 @ 12:23 am

It's a series on Netflix, but you can watch all of the first season episodes on Youtube. It's pretty funny and entertaining!

Kimmie on Apr 06, 2015 @ 05:33 pm

I was also unsure when I started watching the show, but then it grew on me and I really enjoyed it. The end of season 1 seemed like it could be a finale, so I will be interested to see what they do with season 2!

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