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Cruelty Free Review Club


I would love to see more cruelty free products on Chick Advisor, or a seperate review club for cruelty free produicts . . . curious to know what everyone else thinks / how you feel.
A lot of the brands that are used for the review club are from companies that test on animals or use ingredients that are generated from animal cruelty.  
Apr 11, 2018 @ 04:07 pm

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Definitely would be nice to have more review club for cruelty free product. However, most companies here do not tested. They do so where they have no choice like China for example.

I guess, some brand should probably stop selling their product there. They would be consider as total cruelty free. But since they continue selling in these places, the're not.

I would be curious to have more beauty product (cruelty free) but more makeup thing. That would be awesome.
Apr 11, 2018 @ 04:18 pm


Thats a great idea!
Apr 12, 2018 @ 08:11 am


I'm pretty sure that most if not all products (in Canada at least) are not tested on animals. If there are products that are tested on animals I would definitely not use them, no matter how much I liked it. If you know of any idea love to know.
Apr 12, 2018 @ 11:22 am
Marilyn M

cruelty free

definitely only cruelty free products should be offered
Apr 12, 2018 @ 11:47 am
Ali de Bold


@Mlepine is exactly right. Products here are NOT tested on animals but brands that sell in China have to test on animals, by law in order to sell in that market.  It looks like that may be changing though. Here's a great article on Bloomberg you can learn more about it.

It's really unfortunate that China has made testing mandatory as I'm sure most, if not all brands would prefer not to.
Apr 12, 2018 @ 12:34 pm

A few errors ....

There are many brands / companies that test on animals in Canada and the US. It is a myth that these practices are only associated with China.
I definitely recommend doing some research, which will show this is not an overseas issue but one that it happy ing right here at home. Also... companies that did have this issue with stating they are cruelty free because of their dealings in China have now decided to pull out of these deals and continue down a more ethical road. Products also claim they are cruelty free but also use palm oils sourced from.places such as Indonesia where mass deforestation takes place everyday to produce palm oil (approx 66 million tons annually) and with that.. the deaths of countless animals.. most already endangered... such as orangutans, Borneo Elephants, and Sumatran Tigers. Employees are instructed to "get rid of these animals by any means necessary" which often leads to being hurried or burned alive... these.palm oils are in EVERYTHING.. from make up to shampoo ... body lotion .. granola bars ... cereal... the amount of palm oil/ palm products that you have used today without evening realizing it would probably blow your mind!
There are also a million and one names for palm oils which makes it easy for companies to disguise their use of it in their product labels.
Palm oil.has also been linked to cancers and DNA damages due to harmful fatty acids.
So regardless if you believe this is just an issue that involved China.... please reconsider and do some real research into the issues that affect our planet and speak volumes as to what we really care about as humans... I for one will not choose beauty products over humanity.
If you want to be more on top.of your cruelty free purchases, I recommend the Cruelty Cutter app. It is free and has lists of companies who test on animals and ones who do. If a company or product isn' listed, you can simply scan the barcode on your phone and it will instantly let you know if that certain product or brand is cruelty free or not.
Apr 12, 2018 @ 12:53 pm

Eye opening

Lesliemuir2, you've really given me a lot to think about. Total eye opener. Thanks.
Apr 13, 2018 @ 04:30 am


I like this idea, or at least make it one of the survey questions or bits of info when they put a call out for reviewers.
Apr 13, 2018 @ 04:09 pm
Ali de Bold

Nude by Nature doesn't test on animals

Nude by Nature is a recent program we've run that doesn't test on animals. You can read about that here.

@lesliemuir2 I was surprised to see that you are right, it still isn't illegal to test on animals in Canada. But, we are moving towards that. You can read about that here.

Still as mentioned, there are many global brands that currently don't have a choice about that. L'Oreal has addressed that here.

Great discussion to bring up!
Apr 14, 2018 @ 10:29 am

Cruelty-free brands

I've only been applying for the CF options, honestly, so I agree -- I'd love to see more options! The whole sellong in China issue is a complicated one. I don't buy brands who sell there, but many brands really are working hard alongside the Chinese government to show them alternatives. I'm hoping, in a few years' time, we'll start to see some changes, even if they're only small ones.
Apr 22, 2018 @ 04:51 pm

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