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Polarized Sunglasses


  Any good recommendations on a Great pair of stylish Polarized Sunglasses?  I have bought so many pairs of sunglasses that are so fashionable yet not polarized.  
   Has anyone come across a good sale at any sunglass huts? 
Apr 01, 2017 @ 02:39 pm

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Have you tried looking at Costco? I was there last week and they have good prices on RayBans and Serengetis.
Apr 07, 2017 @ 10:00 am


Yes I practically live @ Costco... Im not a huge fan of their styles.
But Thanks for the suggestion
Apr 07, 2017 @ 02:43 pm

Ray Ban

I myself was like you and bought all designer sunglasses and paid big bucks for them but not polarized. I didn't know the importance of it.

I rely on my sunglasses a lot, I can't drive without them, especially when it's bright outside.

My husband took me out and bought me a pair and he said I must get polarized ones.

Of course, I went with the original Rayban's polarized. They are amazing! I can't go back to non-polarized anymore. The glare makes me go blind. haha

That being said, try out some Rayban's, they are such good quality glasses. Better than any high end designer one's I own.
Apr 07, 2017 @ 06:57 pm


Sorry forgot to mentioned, the reason I can't drive without sunglasses when it's bright is because of my headaches. I get chronic headaches and even going outside when it's too bright gives me a bad headache.

If you go to a specialty store like sunglass hut or and eye glass store, they could get the whole sunglass made accustomed to your needs. You just have to wait a week or two for them to order it.

That's what I did with mine, it's so lightweight, it doesn't bother me if I wear it all day long and the lens are super super clear. Hope that helps, happy sunglass shopping.
Apr 07, 2017 @ 07:03 pm


Thank you jujusamples Yes its so important to get the proper glasses. Im now trying to narrow down my search. So many nice ones to look at :)
Apr 07, 2017 @ 08:55 pm


Polarized sunglasses are great! I am a big fan of Maui Jim's... which I believe are all polarized but I could be wrong. My hubby has Maui Jim's now, too, and loves them but in the past he has also had polarized Oakleys and Ray Bans. We found an awesome sale but it was when we were at a Sunglass Hut in the US but I'd keep an eye out for sales here. The handy thing about Sunglass Hut is that if you buy it in the States, you can still return it in Canada. Another option is to go to the shop, try frames on to see what you like, take down the model numbers then search online to see if you can find a deal that way.
Apr 01, 2018 @ 10:55 pm


I am a fan of Oakleys and Arnette brands. With that being said, even Walmart and MEC have polarized sunglasses ;)
Apr 04, 2018 @ 03:58 pm


As an outdoor lifeguard we are only allowed to wear Polarized sunglasses and they make such a difference!! Ray bans are incredible... but if they are too pricey for you i usually by mine at Hudsons bay and even got a couple good ones (that got stolen) at sears.
May 01, 2018 @ 10:50 pm


Raybans. I bought my raybans at Sunglasses hot and they are fine. My eyes are sensitive to light and those sunglasses help a lot. I bought the aviator Top Gun edition 2 years ago and I still have them in good condition.
May 02, 2018 @ 10:29 am

Polarized Sunglasses

Jun 20, 2018 @ 12:44 pm

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