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Reusing Chickadvisor boxes!!


I just love how cute the Chickadvisor boxes are and I can't seem to want to throw them out especially because they are such good quality and I am all for being environmentally friendly!! So I have started reusing the boxes for many different things. For example the Nude by Nature box I used for some of my makeup and the Knorr selects box I used as storage for my little beads (I love to make my own jewellery). 

Just wondering do any of you lovely Chicks also re-use your boxes and if so what for? 
Apr 07, 2018 @ 02:06 pm

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I keep them for Christmas, the size is good for many types of gifts :-)
Apr 07, 2018 @ 02:08 pm


@rosealex that is such a good idea!!
Apr 07, 2018 @ 02:26 pm


I keep them as well. Right now I have a Chickadvisor box full of bubble bars from lush in the bathroom, to keep they dry. The past few campaigns I’ve receved had litttle pieces of paper filling in the boxes to keep the products safe but at one point they would use tissue paper and I would always reuse that for gift bag presents I was giving.
Apr 08, 2018 @ 05:05 am
Sandra Ribeiro


I use them for birthday and christmas
Apr 08, 2018 @ 05:54 am


@laura2423 I still keep the little tissue paper when you open the box lol...it comes in handy when gifting!
Apr 08, 2018 @ 06:39 am


I've kept all my boxes too for makeup and things like that and I've given some as gifts as well :)
Apr 08, 2018 @ 08:07 am

yes i love those boxes!

i have used those sturdy little boxes to put gifts in, to hold stationary items on my desk, and to keep my daughter"s hair brushes, ponytail elastics and clips tidy! love these boxes!
Apr 08, 2018 @ 08:20 am


These are some great ideas :)
Apr 08, 2018 @ 03:03 pm


these are great ideas the next time that I get accepted for a campaign I'm going to start saving my Chick Advisor Boxes for Christmas gifts and all kinds of other misalanious products
Apr 08, 2018 @ 04:54 pm


i keep the boxes, use them for gifts
Apr 08, 2018 @ 05:09 pm

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