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Any of you wonderful ladies do a Keto WOE?


I have been doing my research and finally think I have found what will work for me! I have figured out my macros and plan to start in 1 week, after grocery shopping, etc. I think I have done my homework but what are some tips, tricks and RECIPES (including nutritional info if possible ;) )

What helps you stick to it and stay accountable?
Are you part of any groups?
How much have you lost?
How long have to been following this WOE?

Thanks in advance ladies!!
Feb 11, 2018 @ 01:26 pm

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I started Keto last summer (maybe July-August) because I was getting married in October, and I needed to fit in my dress (Plus my family doctor was concerned about how much weight I was putting on).

So my family Dr recommended that I go to www.dietdoctor.com, read some tips and RECIPES, and to give it a shot. I dove right in, and it worked really well. I lost a total of almost 30 pounds in less than 3 months, and I kept it off while I was on honeymoon and eating like a pig. I didn't take part in much exercise at first because my body wasn't used to sourcing its energy from something other than sugar, but that should balance out within a week or two.

I wasn't part of a community or group exactly, but I did post my progress on my instagram which I guess helped me remain accountable to myself. After I got back from honeymoon, I haven't gone back to eating fully ketogenic, but most of my meals are low-carb. I've managed to maintain my weight loss this way. When I'm ready to lose more weight again, I'll switch back to keto.
Feb 12, 2018 @ 02:41 am


Hey I've been keto 1 year as of March 27 2017. I love it. I feel so much better and have lost 38lbs. Best tricks are to always have food ready and available, track your food so you know how much you are eating. Don't try fancy recipes or keto desserts until you are fat adapted. Give it a month or two.
Ketogains is a great website and site actual scientific research in their articles. This is what got me started on weightlifting. It's an amazing site with lots of info. When/if you start working out they offer a free Novice 5x5 workout that I highly recommend.
Ibreatheimhugry is a great website for recipes. On Babycenter.com Bargain hunters board there it a keto group and that helps me stay accountable. Facebook groups are either very whatever about it or crazy cult like serious about it. I don't recommend them!
Good luck!
Feb 12, 2018 @ 05:57 am


Hi! Congrats on making a lifestyle decision! Ketogenic lifestyle will totally change your life.

I have been doing this for 11 months now. 50lbs weight loss.. lots of non scale victories and better period.
I started my journey because of PCOS and I was almost 210lbs back then. I did what they called the “Lazy Keto”. I tracked my macros for a couple months then after that, I got used to what I should eat or how much I should eat.

I have remained accountable by posting on Instagram. Although it is kind of a mental clutter now for me, I have learned a lot through people who are on the same journey as I am. I was also on FB groups but it has just became information overload for me. Stick to your goal but don’t stress about things too much. Cortisol plays a huge role in weight loss and achieving what you want with your health.

I also tried not to be hard on myself. If I didn’t lose any weight that week, I just kept going on. Cheating, binging, overeating can still happen and I just try to recognize that I should have not done those things and move on. Pretty much learn to forgive myself.

I tried my best to keep myself educated and motivated by reading more keto books, listening to podcasts and experiment on myself. What worked for me might not work for you.

I didn’t do any exercise aside from the daily walks I do with my dog.
I incorporated intermittent fasting. Although on Keto, you won’t be really hungry all the time. You’ll find it’s easier to skip meals.

Keep up with your electrolytes. Have some pink salt and water in the morning and supplement with magnesium at night.
Feb 12, 2018 @ 06:08 am


Thanks for this info, ladies! I just tried the FitMum plan which is Keto but more strict. I crashed after 4 days and have been looking for something different.
Feb 24, 2018 @ 05:24 am

Thank You!

Thank you ladies! It's nice to hear all of your experiences and know it is possible. I am 7 days in and already I feel great! Not sure about the weightloss or anything yet but it definitely seems like something that is maintainable, which is what drew me to keto in the first place!
Mar 19, 2018 @ 07:32 pm

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