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Drug store vs Health Store Vitamins?


Hello ladies,

So talk of vitamins seems to be following me around lately. I have talked about it with a few people, and there was even a segment about it on CP24 this morning. I have a question about them and I was wondering if any of you would have any information. Obviously talking to your doctor about these sorts of things is necessary, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any other reliable information.

People have been telling me that taking drug store vitamins is pretty much a waste because apparently your body does not absorb these as well as it does other more expensive vitamins from health food stores. I looked into GNC and while they are expensive, I'm wondering if they would be worth it? I mean, if I'm spending money on drug store brands anyway, and they're not working to their full potential, then wouldn't that money be better spent on good quality vitamins?

Any thoughts?
Mar 01, 2009 @ 03:55 pm

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Ali de Bold

I've heard this as well

I have heard that liquid forms of vitamins are the best because they can absorb quickly. We used to spend $50 a month on liquid vitamins and then just forgot and stopped using them.

I notice that the things that affect my health the most are sleep, stress, exposure to direct sunlight and diet and that vitamins don't have that much of an impact.
Mar 01, 2009 @ 07:54 pm

Good point

You make a good point misschickie, if you eat right in the first place, your body will get the vitamins it needs from the foods you eat, and won't need that extra boost from vitamins. I think its just as well, because I don't really want to spend that extra 50 bucks a month anyway...
Mar 03, 2009 @ 09:52 am
Go Xango

Oh I use to think that way

I have never been big on vitamins. Firstly, I know that the ones in the Drug store are nothing but junk. When I was pregnant I took my folic acid but the multi-vitamins from shoppers were not good. So I stopped taking them. (I would not recommend this.) They were awful tasting and made me sick to my stomach. Then, with getting older, I though I should be taking better care of my self. I am now taking a chelated vitamin that also have a whole foods blend. Because the vitamin is chelated your body absorbs them totally so you don't have to take so many MG or IU. It only has what your body needs. I have never felt better. I can take them on an empty stomach and not feel sick and have no trouble swallowing them. I do spend an extra $80.00 for them, however, that is a low price to pay for a life time of health. How much do people pay for gym memberships that they don't use?

Misschickie - All of the things you metioned are ture. However, if your body is getting what it needs everyday you will be getting better sleep, which will lower your stress and balance your diet. Oh an always cover up while in direct sunlight. :)
Mar 18, 2009 @ 11:10 pm


My doctor told me NOT to take vitamins... "You eat healthy" she said....How does she know...what I eat??!!!
I eat complete garbage some days. Ha for example tonight I ate Rice Krispie cake for dinner.
I take 2 multis a day and they are generic brand from Zellers (Canada) Century Premium and they cost $7.97
Mar 19, 2009 @ 11:02 pm


Most people believe that all natural supplements herbal and natural remedies for common problems are only for people who have something wrong with them. But the fact is that even if you do not notice a particular problem at the moment, there may still be lurking in the shadows somewhere. How do you know if you had little energy, if you've never felt before energetic? By getting the vitamins health food your body needs, you'll feel better than you ever thought you could, while experiencing the natural remedies that come from Mother Nature herself, and not a drug synthesized in a laboratory somewhere.
Oct 05, 2011 @ 07:00 am

always shop smart

The fact is, vitamin and mineral supplements are not intended to cover nutritional or lifestyle gaps. If you're not eating your veggies, swallowing all sorts of pills won't keep you in tip-top shape. Supplements are intended to top up your tank, especially if you are prone to deficiencies (eg. iron for Anemia, or Vitamin D if you don't get out in the sun often enough).

I have tried everything from liquid vitamins to expensive brands (Usana/Amway) to drugstore brands. In each case, I was too forgetful to stick with the regimen so I never really noticed a big difference in my health. When I was pregnant, only the drugstore maternity supplements would stay down - the expensive stuff made me ill.

This year I made a commitment to work out more and get more sleep. And wouldn't you know - I have not had a single cold or flu so far this year. For me, this is HUGE. I usually have a minor illness every few months. My anemia is under control (even though I keep forgetting to take my iron), and I have tons of energy. I have also increased my veggie intake (though I was already eating a fairly balanced diet before) which I think was helpful.

So I agree with ali-de-bold: start with lifestyle choices and use vitamins as your backup plan to give you a little boost here and there. Don't rely on them to make up for your bad habits because they will not.

And if you're religious about covering up while in the sun or using products with SPF, make sure you take a Vitamin D supplement. It's hard to get adequate amounts just from a normal diet because Vit D is a hormone your skin produces when in contact with sunlight. Many docs (including Doctor Oz) say that even people in southern climates don't get enough sunlight exposure. (It actually only takes a few minutes every day of good sunlight on unprotected skin to produce your daily requirement of Vit D - you don't have to risk skin cancer to get your daily dose.)

I think the biggest danger with vitamin supplements is that people use it as an excuse to not make the necessary changes. Use them wisely and ask knowledgeable people like your doc or pharmacist which formulations are best for you. Just because something is "natural" does not mean it's right for you. You could have allergies that some supplements would set off. Remember, poison ivy and snake venom are also "natural" things! Take the advice of salespeople with a boulder of salt - they aren't exactly objective.
Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:08 am


I would like to know which is better vitamins you buy at the drug store or the health store.
Jan 08, 2013 @ 06:43 pm

vitamins ??

I really think (and I am not an expert on the subject) that it is always best to get your vitamins from whole organic foods. Sometimes you still do have a deficency and then you should be very wise in what vitamin/mineral you are taking and where you get it from. I would tend to go to a health food store and find a product that was in no way contaminated for example Omega's that do not come from fish that have high levels of toxins. I think most manufactures like to use the lowest quality they can get away with, which is unfortunate. I do take Omega's and probiotics because they are really the only two vitamins that really make a difference in my health.
Jul 17, 2013 @ 03:20 pm


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Sep 08, 2021 @ 08:51 am


I use both . Health store vitamins and drug stores are just two different things. A good combination of both of them - canadian pharmacy I don't remember the last time i've been inside a normal pharmacy and i don't think it is a good time to do that. I order all my vitamins, supplements and basic meds online with delivery to my house. Awesome service
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