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There have been a lot of babies born in my family. My oldest nephew is the only one who was afraid of the hole in the potty. To help him they put stickers on it. I never heard of someone being afraid of a hole.
Jun 12, 2020 @ 11:40 am

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My son was deathly afraid to sit on the toilet. He thought a monster would come out of the hole and grab him.
We had my husband sit on the toilet, show him how it is done, and used a potty seat over the toilet for him to try. After a few times of seeing dad survive, he knew he would too and was more comfortable using it.
Jun 15, 2020 @ 10:51 am


I’m having a really difficult time potty training my almost 4 year old son he just doesn’t want to go he says it won’t come out we’ve tried the character toilet seat lollipops candy and nothing is getting him to go
Jun 16, 2020 @ 05:15 pm


My oldest was 3.5 by the time I got him potty trained. He just didn't want to use the potty ( he's also autistic, but I'm not really not sure how much that actually plays into any of that because he isn't severe). Eventually I told him he wasn't getting the diapers back and he'd have to use the potty or he'd make himself wet. after having a few accidents he decided that he really didn't like the feeling and just started using the potty basically full time. My youngest is proving to be a bit harder than the oldest. He's great with peeing in the potty, but poop is a bit more tricky for him. We've talked about it, but I haven't come across any reason why he doesn't like it, but we are working our way there slowly and he's progressed well over the last couple months.
Jun 18, 2020 @ 06:40 am

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