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I think this is a Chicks must see movie!


"Girl Trip"  Starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith & Tiffany Haddish. Four friends from college get together for Girls trip. Its a movie to get a couple friends together and go see. I took my mom last night. Lots of laughs. I don't want to say anything about the movie.
Have any other chicks seen this movie yet? What did you think?
Jul 26, 2017 @ 02:41 pm

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I saw the trailer for this playing right before the movie Rough Night. I think it looks really funny and I just love Queen Latifah so I will definitely be making the trip to see it.
Jul 26, 2017 @ 03:01 pm


These with.girlfriend type must see movies come out yearly...looks like a hoot!
A few of us are trying to pick an evening....
Jul 26, 2017 @ 03:14 pm


The Trailer is hilarious . I can't wait to watch it .
Jul 26, 2017 @ 07:46 pm


I'm going to see it with my sister. It looks hilarious and it apparently is very raunchy lol.
Jul 26, 2017 @ 09:35 pm


yes i need to see this movie!! i`m going with my fiance he loves girly movies with me! hes my best friend and my soulmate absolutely perfect
Jul 26, 2017 @ 10:36 pm


I watched the trailer after you mentioned it Tracy :) looks sooooo funny!!!!!!
Jul 27, 2017 @ 12:18 pm


Girl Trip looks like a really good funny movie. The Heat and Bridesmaids with Melissa McCarthy will always be my favourite. Magic Mike 1&2;was good; 1 better than 2.
Aug 19, 2017 @ 05:03 pm


I wanted to see this the girls from work went and said how good it was! On Friday when I was going to go it was gone!!
Aug 20, 2017 @ 01:00 pm


Saw this on wknd! Halarious and raunchy lol....theatre was all chicks Haaaaaha
Aug 20, 2017 @ 09:48 pm


I've only ever seen the commercials and it looked so funny! :)
Sep 06, 2017 @ 07:59 am

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