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ALINK Airtight Food Storage Containers Reviews
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    September 16, 2020
    Quebec, Canada

    NOT diswasher safe

    I was really excited about these Alink airtight storage containers. When I received them they seemed perfect. I really liked how the airtight lid was easy to work, just turning the handle like a big switch and they pushed in easily. After checking that they were dishwasher safe (both on the listing and the dishwasher symbol on the containers themselves), my love affair with these storage containers ended.

    After dishwashing the first thing I noticed was the lid issue (also mentioned by Jason R). Water gets stuck inside the lids and is difficult to drain, leading to mold concerns. This wasn't the worst of it though. One of the containers was completely warped in shape and no longer square, so the lid wouldn't fit. Ok, I thought, just let everyone know not to dishwash them, but they are still usable.

    The next day I decided to fill them. When opening the lid, the parts of the lid flew outwards, almost breaking my glass jars on the counter. Luckily it hadn't been pointed at my face. You see, the lid mechanism is basically a spring inside attached to the flip handles. My hypothesis is that the dishwasher weakened the plastic tabs holding these panels on, so the spring pressure simply snapped them and the while lid flew apart.

    Out of seven containers, I have three left with usable lids, even though it's only been a day. I'm aware that they could break at any moment, forcing me to transfer the contents to something else. So these are actually NOT dishwasher safe. It makes me worry about what else is a lie. It's possible if you don't wash them they will be just fine, but given the high price point, shoddy quality and straight up lies printed on the package, listing and actual product, I would not trust these to hold a single grain of rice.

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