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Dorzu USB Alarm Clock Radio Reviews
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    December 26, 2018

    Mostly works as expected

    Setting up this alarm clock is extremely simple. Out of the box you simply plug it into the wall, put two batteries in to keep it running in the event of a power outage, and then use the buttons on the top of the clock to adjust the time. The buttons are clearly labeled and easy to use, with the snooze button being much larger than the others.

    One thing I found a bit strange when setting up this radio is the FM antenna cable coming out of the back of the clock. The manual didn’t actually explain what it was and I had to look it up for myself, as well as what to do with it. In the end I found the reception I got without adjusting it at all was perfectly fine, so I left it where it was and made sure it didn’t get in the way.

    This alarm clock also has a USB port which you can use for charging your phone, though I personally prefer to keep my phone close to my bed and not over by my alarm clock. If you’re looking for somewhere to charge your phone or tablet, it is very convenient to have this option on your clock, as the charging speed is quite high with a quality USB cable. It largely depends on your cable, but I found it worked as well as plugging it into the wall.

    One feature that was missing from this radio really surprised me: no AM radio. I prefer to wake up to talk radio rather than music on an FM station, but with this alarm clock that just isn’t possible. You have to use FM radio, or no radio at all. For some people this will not be a problem, but for others it’s likely to be an issue. Considering the high price of this clock, it should be included.

    An issue that I also had, is how long the alarm will ring. If you set an alarm, it will go off and ring for nine minutes. But after that it turns itself off, and I personally do not appreciate that. If you’re such a heavy sleeper that you have not turned off your alarm after 9 minutes, having it turn itself off makes it kind of useless. Most people will never be bothered by this, but I still find it difficult to trust an alarm which gives up after ten minutes. My husband has the problem of sleeping through alarms for a long time, so he'd prefer one that has an indefinite option.
    My first few nights using this alarm clock were very easy. Setting the alarm is done by the same buttons that set the time, and they’re also clearly labeled. The display itself is large and easy to make out in the dark, and it can be adjusted if you find it too bright for your liking. I used both the buzzer alarm and the radio alarm, and found both were effective at waking me in the morning once I tested the various volume levels. The clock itself is quite compact and well suited for someone who doesn't have much space.

    Overall I’m happy with this alarm clock, though some of its missing features are disappointing given its price point, I do feel it's priced very highly, given that many people just use their phones so this type of product is not in high demand.

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