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Endo-Ex for Endometriosis Reviews


Endometriosis is a very common disorder. In women with endometriosis there may be endometrial tissue on the fallopian tubes, the ovaries or anywhere else on the lining of the pelvis- these are all places endometrial tissue is not meant to be. Endometriosis can cause severe pain, usually in the pelvic area, and women with this condition usually feel the most pain and discomfort during their monthly period. This pain can be debilitating and is generally more severe than what other women experience as period pain. Other symptoms of this condition are menorrhagia or excessive menstrual bleeding, bleeding in between periods and pain during sexual intercourse or bowel movements. Endometriosis may also decrease fertility and is an important factor in women who are having difficulty getting pregnant. In some women, endometriosis may cause few or even no symptoms at all. The herbal ingredients used in traditional Oriental treatment of endometriosis work by fundamentally changing the functioning of the liver and female reproductive system. In order to do this, the treatment, such as with Endo-Ex, must be continued regularly for a regimen of several months and even longer if necessary in particularly stubborn cases. Medicinal herbs in general take longer than allopathic medicines to show their effectiveness but the patience and persistence required is usually worth the safer, superior and often permanent results achieved.

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