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    November 15, 2015

    Meet Jester --the all new interactive species of Zoomer Dino (Jokeasaurus) by Spin Master!

    Jester is the class clown of the dinosaur world. With sensors in his nose that allow you to guide and train him, this jokesaurus has a lot of mischievous modes that your kids will love!

    Jester can burp, fart, cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog, and roar like a real dinosaur. Turn him into a zombie and listen to him moan. Put him in spin mode and he gets dizzy and falls over. Gently pull his tail and send him into a roaring rage. Control it with a remote control and freak out your cat.

    Jester is fantastically designed –he’s sturdy, colourful, incredibly stable and well made. He can be run on Auto, Training Mode or Manual mode. And bonus, he’s rechargeable!

    Jester zips around on two wheel and balances really well on hardwood and laminate surfaces. He can even manage tile and carpet (the transition is a little tricky, but he usually makes it without falling over).

    Cons to consider: The remote is not labelled at all, it just has shape buttons. The instructions are very detailed (which is great!) but it’s difficult to remember the nearly 20 different control combos. On the plus side, the instruction manual does have a cheat sheet, which is a life saver!

    Bottom line: Super interactive and tons of fun. Initial set up takes some time as it requires charging and learning commands, but once that's done, this toy will have your kids laughing for a long time!

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